Phillies Jerseys You Should Leave at Home

At today's Phillies "road" game against the Toronto Blue Jays, I spotted several Phillies jerseys that made me laugh, angry, or both at the same time. Here are a few of the jerseys I managed to snag pictures of with my cell phone camera. Feel free to make fun of them in the comments section.

Despite Raul's struggles through 2010, Charlie has continually written "#29 Ibanez" onto his lineup card. Fear no more. And no, Domonic Brown hasn't been called up. Instead, "#29 Maggie" will be taking his place. She should probably bat after the pitcher.


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I'll admit, the following picture isn't the best quality. But that's beside the point. First off, it's probably not the best idea to purchase a Joe Blanton jersey. But since when has Big Joe wore #65? That's right…never. Seems like a good jersey to wash your car with.


The Phillies have had several highly-touted prospects over recent years. Popular names include Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, and more recently, Domonic Brown. Although he was in our system, I don't recall Jason Jaramillo ever projected to be our starting catcher one day. This guy took his chances and lost. (For the record, Jaramillo is currently backing up Ryan Doumit in Pittsburgh and batting .180.)


You know who Wagner was. The following jersey should have been burnt the second Wagner signed with the Mets.


The following relief pitcher had a career 4.40 ERA with a record of 22-23. He wore #35 with the Phillies, hurling pitches from the Veterans Stadium mound until he was traded for Dan Plesac in 2002. The guy wearing Cliff Politte's jersey below must have been his biggest fan.  Cole Hamels has filed suit.


And finally, one more reason to hate custom jerseys.


There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Next time you go to Citizens Bank Park to cheer on the Fightins, I recommend a non-customized jersey. When in doubt, wear the jersey of a past great or Chase Utley.


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  1. Was in a bar watching the Stanley Cup Finals, and a guy in there was wearing a Jeff Hackett jersey, but with the Hackett name plate torn off, but you could still see the residual name on it. Jeff Hackett? When was that a good idea?

  2. You wonder, don’t you. Thanks for the chuckle. I, myself, wear a Werth jersey to the game. Is that okay? LOL . I’m glad I wasn’t at the game yesterday. I wouldn’t want you taking a picture of my rear– it’s not my best feature.

  3. Don’t forget about Mitch Williams jerseys. It’s difficult to find anyone more annoying than “that guy” that is wearing a Mitch Williams jersey, but thinks he is “the man” for showing love for the guy that gave up the most infamous Home Run in Phillies history.
    I had a new found love for him once he was actually a good analyst on Phillies post-game, but he sold out and now we’re left with Darren Spray-Tan Daulton. Loved him as an 8 year-old, but now he’s a little scary.

  4. I was at the game on Saturday and I saw a guy wearing a Burrell jersey but he had safety pinned Ruiz over Burrell and a number 1 next to the 5.

  5. Wagner jersies are a serious violation. As will Cliff Lee ones in a few weeks, it sounds.

  6. Well since the 2nd picture posted here of Joe Blanton #65 is my ex and my daughter,it doesn’t matter what team shirt you wear as long as you are having a great time at the ball park!You sure did that day.Enjoy!
    GO PHILLIE’s!!!!!

  7. Best idea is to buy shirseys instead of authentic jerseys…that way you aren’t stuck with a way too expensive and outdated jersey you feel the need to keep wearing because you dropped $70 on it or whatever. And besides like 4 out of the 6 months that baseball season goes on in Philly it’s way too hot to wear the authentic jerseys anyway.
    Personalized jerseys are always sort of a violation too.

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