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With Klentak and MacPhail the Phillies future looks an awful lot like its past

Coggin Toboggan - October 18, 2019

Two weeks ago I wrote about the IMPROBABLE scenario of Gabe Kapler being relieved of his managerial duties, while Phillies GM Matt Klentak and team President Andy MacPhail were allowed to remain in power. It would’ve be madness to pull the plug on the man handpicked by both Klentak and MacPhail and then allow the two to choose his replacement, while expecting it to work out.

Reason stood if Kapler went, he should have been followed by his two biggest fans, tarred and feathered with the shredding of millions of analytic-based spreadsheets that showed empirical evidence that the Phillies have been abject failures since 2011.

But now Kapler is gone. Klentak and MacPhail are picking his replacement. Both still have their jobs.

John Middleton made sure the insane asylum continued to be open for business, and, baby, business-is-a-boomin’ in South Philadelphia.

In the immortal words of George Costanza: “You wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts.”

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Phillies Interviewed Dusty Baker a Second Time, Showalter Scheduled for Today, Girardi Monday

Russ Joy - October 18, 2019

The Phillies really want us to hate them, don’t they? As an admittedly fallen-away Phillies fan, I asked Bob and Anthony on Crossing Broadcast whether the names Dusty Baker, Buck Showalter, and Joe Girardi might’ve been  a diversion, an elaborate bait-and-switch of sorts, while John Middleton scoured major league coaching staffs for a young bench coach or a minor league manager. They sighed and delivered a deadpan, “No.” And so it should come as no shock that the Phillies have already initiated Round 2 of “Which retread will restore our mediocre team to slightly-above mediocrity 2020”.

That’s because -following a previous report from the Inquirer’s Matt Breen– Todd Zolecki dropped a bit of a managerial search bombshell on Thursday evening:

More after the jump:

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The Eagles Might Have an Anonymous Source Problem

Russ Joy - October 18, 2019

This is getting a bit problematic for Howie Roseman, Doug Pederson, Carson Wentz, and the Eagles. Less than 24 hours after Josina Anderson’s anonymous Eagles source returned to publicly drag the team’s inability to trade for cornerback Jalen Ramsey, Anderson went on NFL Live and dropped this nugget about either Doug Pederson, Carson Wentz, or some combination of the two:

The Eagles source also talked to me about how they feel like that offense is functioning. One of the things that they said is, “We need to make bleep simpler. Sometimes we need to just handle what is manageable.” They said, “Even Peyton Manning knew when to check it down.” Carson Wentz right now is 38% on passes that travel 15 air yards, has three interceptions on passes like that, which is tied for most in the league. He also has 148 passes on those that are ten yards or fewer. He has nine touchdowns and zero interceptions on passes like that. So, I do think it’s a apt point.

Let’s clear the air here. It’s been widely speculated that Alshon Jeffery is Anderson’s source, including the time a source openly questioned whether the real issue with the Eagles’ offense in 2018 was more a result of switching QBs than a Super Bowl hangover. The speculation appeared to have some merit due to Anderson having cited direct dialogue with Jeffery in the past, including that he was going to sign with the Eagles ahead of the 2017 season:

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Acho: Prescott is a 4Runner, Wentz an Exotic Car

Russ Joy - October 17, 2019

In case you missed Get Up this morning, former Eagles linebacker Emmanuel Acho was on the show leading up to a Week 7 matchup between the Eagles and Cowboys. He offered this interesting automotive metaphor to settle the Dak Prescott v. Carson Wentz debate:

I’ll put it like this: Dak Prescott is like your good old Toyota 4Runner. He’s steady, you know what you can get from him, he’s reliable. Carson Wentz is like that exotic car. Now, that exotic car is gonna break down, Greeny, we all know that. But one day, you’re gonna get into a high-speed chase, and you’re gonna be real mad if you’re sitting in a 4Runner. Dak Prescott… he’s not gonna get hurt, he’s gonna be good, old reliable. But Carson can just do some things that Dak Prescott can’t do. Which is why I would take Carson, because sooner or later you’re gonna need him.

There you have it. No need for further debate.

NBA General Managers Like the Bucks Better Than the Sixers

Kevin Kinkead - October 17, 2019

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Each year, polls the league’s 30 general managers on a wide-ranging variety of topics.

The Sixers come into the 2019-2020 campaign with championship aspirations, but the GMs don’t seem to share the same enthusiasm as fans and media.

When asked to rank the top four teams in the Eastern Conference, 76% placed Milwaukee at the top while the Sixers only garnered 24% first place votes. In a question of which team will win the NBA finals, the rankings went like this:

  1. LA Clippers — 46%
  2. Milwaukee Bucks — 36%
  3. Los Angeles Lakers — 11%

Some more items of note:

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Was Zach Brown Freelancing Out There?

Kevin Kinkead - October 17, 2019


What was the best play Zach Brown made as a Philadelphia Eagle?




Yeah, I can’t remember either.

Regardless of whether or not the Kirk Cousins comments factored into the Eagles’ decision to release the veteran linebacker, he just didn’t have much of an impact on the field. Wednesday, Derrick Gunn then added this tweet to the mix:

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Inquirer: Phillies “Could Have a Manager by Next Week”

Kevin Kinkead - October 17, 2019

Let’s get it back to the Phillies, who reportedly interviewed Buck Showalter, Dusty Baker, and Joe Girardi this week.

What’s next?

Apparently another round of interviews, according to the Inquirer’s Matt Breen, who writes the following in his Thursday newsletter:

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Not as Bad as It Looked: Thoughts on the Flyers’ Loss to the Oilers

Anthony SanFilippo - October 17, 2019

In the moment, it looked bad.

Here were the Flyers, wrapping up their fifth game of the season by getting their doors blown off by the Edmonton Oilers.

Carter Hart, the supposed savior at just 21 years old, had a bad night in net in front of tons of friends and family in his hometown.

Brian Elliott relieved him and promptly gave up one goal, and then another. The Flyers trailed by five goals until two late tallies in garbage time made the final score a more respectable 6-3 loss to the red hot Oilers.

Here were the Flyers, coming off two really dominant wins to start the season, losing their third straight game, and finally coming home from their whirlwind adventure that, if you include the end of the preseason, took them from Philly to Boston, to New York, to Lausanne, Switzerland, to Prague, back to Philly, to Vancouver, to Calgary and finally to Edmonton in a span of 24 days.

An optimist looks at their 2-2-1 record and says, “Hey, not bad considering the crazy travel.” A pessimist says, “Inconsistency on the Flyers? Why am I not surprised.”

I was more in the pessimist camp watching the game against Edmonton. I mean, Connor McDavid is the best player in the league and all, but did they really need to allow him to have a five-point night?

And how do you get behind by five goals one night after sleepwalking through an entire game in Calgary?

It was typical Flyers frustration for sure.

But then I woke up at the crack of dawn, sucked down a cup of joe, and after reviewing my notes, came to the realization that this wasn’t all that bad after all.

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