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The Manny Machado Tour Will Reportedly Make Stop in Philly

JoyOnBroad - December 16, 2018

Prepare your battle stations! Per NBCSN Philadelphia’s Jim Salisbury, Manny Machado will be visiting Philadelphia later this week. The superstar infielder is set to visit Citizens Bank Park on Thursday. While this development will likely fill the hearts of Phillies fans with festive cheer, don’t get too excited. The news follows that of two other stops Machado and his team are planning to make this week.

He’s set to meet with the Chicago White Sox:

The Yankees, meanwhile, will host Machado a day before his visit to Philly:

It’s been hard to get a read on what exactly Machado is looking for in a potential suitor. He’s expressed a desire to play shortstop, where he’s played below-average defense to the tune of -11 Rdrs (defensive runs saved above average) in 199 games at the position over parts of three seasons. According to the same metric, he’s saved 85 runs in 731 games over seven seasons at third base.

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Winds of Change: Thoughts on what looks to be a busy week for the Flyers

Anthony SanFilippo - December 16, 2018

Dave Hakstol may have coached his last game as a Flyers coach – we won’t know for sure until tomorrow, but it sure seems like it – and if he has, there’ll be a press conference and General Manager Chuck Fletcher, flanked on one side by Flyers President Paul Holmgren and on the other by Comcast Spectacor Chairman and CEO Dave Scott, will feed the world one cliche after another about why a new voice was needed.

But what if Fletcher doesn’t necessarily believe what he’s about to tell you? What if internally, inside the hockey operations side of this organization, people truly believe that Dave Hakstol is a good coach?

What if this coaching change is really more about optics and pressure from above to hit a home run?

What if?

“That’s a great question,” one Flyers source said to me last night. “And I can’t tell you you’re barking up the wrong tree.”

That’s because Scott has been interested in pursuing Joel Quenneville almost since the minute he was fired by the Chicago Blackhawks last month.

And why not? Quenneville won three Stanley Cups in six seasons with the Blackhawks. The guy has a great track record and one that would certainly bring an instant infusion of interest and excitement to an apathetic fan base.

It was one of those conversations, though, that didn’t go well with former GM Ron Hextall.

So, Hextall was fired. For far many more reasons than this, but this was certainly on the list.

With the addition of Fletcher, Scott agreed to give him time to evaluate what he has on the roster and the coaching staff. But that willingness to be patient has dried up rapidly.

When the team looks as bad as it has in the past four games – all losses – and has fallen into last place by themselves in the Eastern Conference, and is tied for the third-worst record in the league, it can lead to a lot of public angst and make a bigwig like Scott concerned about the perception of his team.

But the Flyers are 2-4-2 since firing Hextall. It’s not good, but it’s not pathetic. There have been many worse eight game stretches than those in which you register six points.

And is six games enough time to give Fletcher to make all the evaluations he needs? Maybe, maybe not.

But the reality is, keeping the fanbase happy is also part of the business, and even if internally among hockey people there is a belief that Hakstol is still the right coach for this team despite all the outside noise, the people who sign the checks sometimes feel they have to consider more than just what the hockey people advise.

Personally, I have never been a huge fan of Hakstol as a coach. If you go back and read many of my posts from last season, you will see that I would have made a change at coach last season.

However, once I was given real insight into what was going on behind the scenes during Hextall’s tenure, even I felt like Hakstol probably deserved a chance to redeem this team post-Hextall.

Frankly, I would have been, and still would be O.K. with letting him coach the rest of the season.

But that’s likely because I don’t see this team as one that’s good enough to make the playoffs this season. After all, they’re eight points out of third place in the Metropolitan Division and 10 points out of a wild card spot. They would need to go on an extended hot run to make up those differences AND hold on to a playoff spot.

That’s very unlikely to happen folks.

But the problem is Scott and to an extent Holmgren already told us at Hextall’s firing that the impetus for the organization is to “win now.”

That might have been delusional on the part of Scott, because I never really felt Holmgren believed it was possible as the team was currently constructed – which is why he was chaffed with Hextall.

But Scott’s influences are not all rooted in actual hockey. Sure, he leans on Holmgren and now Fletcher to give him an update on the team’s progress, but really, his decisions are driven by the business side of things. When 12-15% of tickets out are not coming back through the door with regularity, that bothers him. When television ratings are down, even slightly, that bothers him.

And to be fair to Scott, that should bother him. The business side is what matters most, ultimately, to a corporate owner.

But sometimes corporate decisions are being made for wrong-headed reasons.

It’s like when an immensely popular television show is cancelled on one network and picked up by another. Why was it cancelled? Business decisions. Money talks baby, even if it wasn’t the smartest call.

So, Hakstol really doesn’t have a chance here.

And Scott REALLY wants to pursue Quenneville. Not because he’s necessarily the right coach for this group, but rather because that hiring would be viewed as hitting it out of the park by the public and might put some more butts in seats.

But how different from Hakstol really is Quenneville? At least from how he handles his personnel?

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Sports Betting Updates

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Crossing Broad Week 15 Eagles Predictions

Chris Jastrzembski - December 16, 2018

The Eagles look to stay barely alive in the playoff hunt as they take on the Los Angeles Rams in LA on Sunday Night Football.

The Cowboys are favored at -13, according to Fanduel Sportsbook.

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I’ve Had Just About Enough of the Chicago White Sox

BWanksCB - December 15, 2018

I was watching Jingle All The Way the other night—the mid-90s Christmas movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. It’s not very good, but as I was watching it, I realized the offseasons of the Phillies and White Sox sort of resemble the film’s premise.

Here’s the deal: Schwarzenegger and Sinbad are each kind of shitty parents and they want to make it up to their disappointed kids by getting the season’s hottest gift, Turbo-Man, so they have this crazy, prolonged battle to get the toy. Similarly, the Phillies and White Sox have each been shitty baseball teams and they want to make it up to their disappointed fans by getting the season’s hottest gift(s), Bryce Harper and/or Manny Machado, so they, too, are having a similarly crazy, prolonged battle.

Honestly, I have no idea what happens at the end of the movie because, like I said, it wasn’t very good, so I eventually turned it off and went on living my life, but here’s the point. Like any good parent who knows they’ve dropped the ball, the Phillies seem to understand the only remedy is to spend lots of money on the best presents to buy back our love. Andrew McCutchen and Jean Segura are cool, I guess, but neither is a Turbo-Man. The Phillies know this, so they’re still out shopping. Here’s the problem—the White Sox seem intent upon making it as hard as possible to get one:

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Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest

Kevin Kinkead - December 14, 2018

What the hell is this? –

These guys definitely listen to Angelo Cataldi’s show. They love Nick Foles, hate Sam Hinkie, and think the Flyers need to get back to playing “old time hockey.”

Ironically, Andy Reid’s team choked away a 14-point fourth quarter lead last night.


Add Another One to Injured Reserve

Kevin Kinkead - December 14, 2018

So much for Jordan Mailata getting some snaps this season.

He was listed with a back injury this week, and now this:


The Union Signed a Forward

Kevin Kinkead - December 14, 2018

24-year-old Brazilian Sergio Santos comes to us from Audax Italiano in the Chilean League. He’s swapping Chile for Chester.

The rumor popped up a few weeks ago on Twitter, with Santos apparently breaking the news on a radio station down there. He also had interest from Mexican side Necaxa but preferred to play in MLS.

I don’t know much about the guy. He scored ten goals for Audax across all competitions last season and Transfermarkt has him listed as a left-footed center forward who can also play as a left winger and second striker.

Here’s a blurb from the Union website:

Santos boasts speed and strength, and it’s the directness of his game that should prove to be a good fit in the Union’s transition-oriented system next year. The 181 pound Brazilian is a mismatch for fullbacks with his size, and he presents huge problems for center backs with his speed. In short, he has shown the kind of raw ability that can make him a versatile option up front for the Union as they seek to flexibly adapt their tactics throughout the 2019 season.

6’0″, 181 is pretty solid. That’s the type of build for a tweener forward who can play up top but also do some damage on the wing or play in a pressing system. Houston’s Alberth Elis I think is a good comparison in the size and weight department.

Sporting Director Ernst Tanner spoke to the media today and said this, after the jump:

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Carson Wentz Listed as “Questionable” But Apparently Needs Months to Recover

Kevin Kinkead - December 14, 2018

Carson Wentz will fly to Los Angeles this weekend, which seems kind of pointless for a guy with a cracked vertebra.

Another combative press conference down at NovaCare today. Doug Pederson didn’t have much interest in talking about the Wentz situation at all, but revealed that his QB will be listed as questionable despite apparently needing a few months for his back to heal.

Would you put a guy with a broken back on a plane to California? Seems like a dumb idea.

Here’s a rundown of Wentz-related stuff Pederson said at today’s press conference:

  • It’s a “stress injury, this thing has evolved over time and it requires zero surgery to heal.”  
  • Doug doubled-down on the idea that the injury “evolved over time” and did not pinpoint a specific incident or game or period in which the injury occurred. Pederson wants to keep specifics in-house. “He’s listed as questionable, and that’s the way it is.”
  • Injury has not affected his play-calling at all.
  • Doesn’t want to put a timetable on recovery, but said it could be possibly three months.
  • It they put him out there, “there has to be 100% chance” that there’s no risk of making the injury worse.”
  • He also pushed back on the idea that the injury was keeping Carson from running more. Credits defenses on that more than anything else.
  • The fracture was discovered after a test was done on Tuesday.
  • This injury does not have anything to do with Wentz compensating for his ACL injury.
  • Doug has a high level of confidence with the medical staff and the team always does tests and scans on injured players on a weekly basis.
  • There’s a “fine line” on pushing guys to come back to play. Each athlete has a protocol based on their individual injuries and they want to be back on the field.
  • Doug’s back injury was different than Carson’s injury, so it’s not fair to compare each of those situations.

So let’s recap:

  1. Carson has a cracked vertebra
  2. He’s listed as questionable and will fly to Los Angeles…
  3. …but he needs “possibly three months” for the injury to heal without surgery

Yeah, alright.

Anyway, here’s video of testy Doug after the jump:

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