Goodbye, Domonic Brown


I remember back around 2011-2012, when questions about Domonic Brown’s work ethic or suitability as a Major League player were first popping up, Phillies Twitter and its assorted sunless minions jumped all over people like me for daring to criticize golden child Brown. Three years later, Brown has been outrighted off the roster, thus concluding the Dom Brown experiment.

Along with Brown, the Phillies sent Tommy Joseph packing. Joseph was the supposed blue chip in the Hunter Pence trade– both ends of which were borderline disastrous for the Phillies. They shipped the Astros four players – one perhaps as the result of a clerical error – for Pence: Jared Cosart, Jonathan Singleton, Josh Zeid and Domingo Santana (the clerical error, who is now easily the best prospect of the bunch). Then, inexplicably (because they needed right-handed corner outfield power) traded Pence, who was under team control for another season, to the Giants for Nate Schierholtz, Seth Rosin, and Joseph. Now only Rosin bag remains, and that’s after he was Ruled 5’d by the Mets, purchased and waived by the Dodgers, selected by the Rangers and returned to the Phillies. He pitched two innings last year and gave up five earned runs.

So, to recap, the Phillies thought they had their corner outfield star of the future in Brown. He was slow to develop, so they sold the farm for Pence, who became too expensive and was traded for useless prospects. Brown never materialized and has been outrighted. The Phillies’ current corner outfielders are converted third baseman Cody Asche in left and the gaping hole previously filled by Jeff Fucking Francoeur in right. Well done, guys! Well done!!!

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19 Responses

  1. so does ‘outrighted’ mean he was just cut and is a free agent? or was he thrown down to single A, or was he deported?….sorry i dont care about minor league baseball nomenclature

    1. Means he can either accept a Triple-A assignment, or because he has more than 3 years MLB service, file to become a free agent

  2. You people are so stupid it’s laughable.MacPhail hasn’t named a GM yet and this is the second batch of players released since the offseason began. Who is the real GM? You fuckers are so stupid for Amaro’s firing that you could care less.

  3. I remember that song the Conklin’s daughter did……Dom Brown is on fire. What a joke. Her singing broke my living room mirror.

  4. I am sure he will be inducted into the Wes Chamberlain Loser Hall of Shame. They should also fire the scout that signed him.

  5. Omar Minaya be perfect most of his draft picks are on the Mets roster now. deGrom, Matz,Murphy, Familia, Flores,Duda. He can’t be worse then Amaro I want to be a manager now Jr.

  6. The act of being outrighted gave Tommy Joseph yet another concussion. He will be out 4 weeks to 6 months.

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