Philly Fans Put on Cubs Gear and Beat Each Other Up

via Instagram (@bricegiesler)

“Only in Philly” –

I love these fights. I can’t get enough of this.

Let’s break it down:

  1. The guy in the Rizzo jersey and a second person attempt a 2v1 here. It’s ALWAYS an unfair fight.
  2. Dude wearing the greenish shirt (we’ll call the color “Sea Foam”) reverses Rizzo and takes him to the ground.
  3. But Rizzo pulls guard and SINKS IN a nasty guillotine choke.
  4. The dude with the long hair and flannel shirt slaps Sea Foam on the side, then gives him a harder kidney-looking slap.
  5. Security comes over and Rizzo gives up the guillotine.

These Philly fans! I tell ya what. Beating each other up and embarrassing themselves in the process. Oh wait, nevermind. Not Philly fans, fans of another team acting like doofuses instead.

Gotta hand it to Rizzo though, he’s definitely watched a lot of MMA and/or may be a mixed martial artist himself. He saw Dustin Poirier pull guard against Khabib and go for the guillotine, which he attempted to replicate here with Sea Foam.

Here’s Herb Dean coming in to stop the fight: