The Union Opened a New Soccer High School This Week

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.17.47 AMGood news, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants! There’s a new soccer-based high school in Wayne, so now your kid can run faster, kick harder and do something that Anne’s kid is totally not doing!*

The Union are expanding their youth operation by partnering with YSC Sports to open up a brand new soccer academy that masquerades as a high school is a high school.

You see, soccer, as a sport, places a large emphasis on homegrown talent and local academies. This is huge in Europe, but no so much in the US. It’s part of the reason why America doesn’t churn out the sort of soccer talent that other countries do. So, the effort by the Union to fill this learning gap is a noble one.

But let’s not confuse the goals here.

To the Press Release Takedown, a PRT!

Philadelphia Union and Official Youth Development Partner YSC Sports are excited to announce the launch of a new era in youth soccer development in the US with the opening of YSC Academy, a state of the art private school for 8th through 12th grade elite soccer players.

You know, the Chinese do this sort of thing with their gymnasts… and that always ends well:

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 8.54.44 AM

Located adjacent to YSC Sports in Wayne, PA, YSC Academy is a college preparatory school that provides motivated youth soccer players the opportunity to pursue their dreams of playing professional soccer while engaging in a top-level education program that prepares them for life beyond the game.

Because when you’re an eighth grader and your parents send you to a specialized soccer school, it’s all about life beyond the game.

Philadelphia Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz was excited to see this opportunity come together for Philadelphia youth players stating, “Congratulations to YSC Academy on this historic announcement. We are proud to be affiliated with such a top class group of educators and look forward to being the motivational inspiration to the students to achieve their dreams.”

To be able to bend it like Beckham.

All 33 students entering YSC Academy¹s inaugural year originate from Philadelphia Union¹s amateur youth soccer development programs, which are provided to selected youth players in the greater Philadelphia market free of cost. Student-athletes from the school will either play for their local club team or for Philadelphia Union amateur Academy squads (U14, U16 or U18).  Some of YSC Academy student-athletes are also US National Team pool players. Over 60 percent of student-athletes enrolled in YSC Academy for the 2013-2014 school year are receiving financial aid, which is provided on an as need basis following NAIS guidelines.

So who’s the esteemed intellectual leading this charge?

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 9.21.15 AM
“College is not a backup plan. It’s a co-plan.”

Helllllllo, Dr. Nooha!

YSC Academy Head of School Dr. Nooha Ahmed-Lee said, “As an educator I could not be more excited about the rigorous academic program we have developed utilizing current brain research on metacognition and learning for the student-athlete. Our educational curriculum is focused on developing skills of critical thinking, collaboration, character, creativity and confidence. In an ever-changing world where learning is 24/7 our blended learning approach ensures that each student is fully prepared for the world that lies ahead.”

Actually, you’re starting to win me over, Dr. Koopa Troopa. Critical thinking, character, confidence? At least you’re all in our face about not teaching English, Math and Science. Oh hey look our curriculum just happens to include skills that are REALLY IMPORTANT FOR SOCCER!

For years, college athletes have hid behind faux majors and, come to think of it, I’ve never heard of one D-I basketball player who became a sociologist. But there will be no such ruse at YSC Academy, where athletes – er, students – will wear that collaborator badge with honor, baby.

Success at YSC Academy will not exclusively be measured by how many players are produced to represent Philadelphia Union at PPL Park, but importantly in the quality of students and the strength of character developed as they pursue excellence both on and off the field of play. A daily routine for students will combine a strategic mixture of technical soccer and athletic development as well as rigorous academic courses.

When “academic courses” is preceded by “as well as” in a high school syllabus, you know some serious learnings are will be had they’re.

YSC founder Rich Graham stated, “Core to YSC Academy¹s philosophy, and equally emphasized in Philadelphia Union’s amateur youth development programs, is the idea of kids taking significant ownership in their learning process. Teachers, coaches and parents can guide and facilitate, but ultimately education is in the hands of the student-athlete. Above all else, I am excited to see this special learning environment being made possible for kids in our community, and I can’t wait to see the positive things they will achieve in life when given the chance to maximize their potential.”

On and off the pitch, am I right?!

YSC Academy exists in support of Philadelphia Union’s belief that youth development is the foundation for sustained on-field and off-field peak performance. Philadelphia Union and YSC Sports are deeply committed to being leaders in giving proactively and investing directly in the development of youth soccer.

Hearts and minds. Hearts and headers.

*Disclaimer: I went to college on the Main Line, never living more than 300 yards from the R5, and my fiancée hails from a small Bucks County town called “Buckingham.” I can make these jokes.


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  1. The other part of the reason why America doesn’t churn out the sort of soccer talent that other countries do is that almost no one in America gives a fuck about gay soccer

    1. Overstating the case, but you’re not wrong.

      Our national sport produces 250 pound men who can run the 100 yard dash half a second behind the world record and are worth 8 figures; but whatever other unhealthy help some of them get after hours, they attend the same schools as everyone else from 8-3.

      1. and there’s no way of knowing if the 250 pound men running in the 4’s would be the best in the world at their sport if everyone else in the world played. these soccer kids arent competing against other mcdonalds pounding-video game playing kids, theyre competing against the best in the world

  2. about time. i always thought one of those most communist/socialist/idiotic things in this country was that athletes “had” to go to school and what not.

    nah, Carmelo Anthony got into Oak Hill and Syracuse for his studies

  3. This is no different from people who go to prep schools in the northern part of the country to play ice hockey.

    You’re so cute when you try to be witty and sarcastic–but mostly you just come off as a douche who lives to tear other people and other things down.

    1. Yeah it’s got nothing to with the fact that Philadelphians would tailgate and get drunk at a fucking Yanni concert you neckbeard pos

  4. Yo, Kyle! Speaking of soccer, you said you were rooting for Tottenham, right? Crying in your Guinness over Gareth Bale having bolted the Spurs for Real Madrid? Heh!

  5. This is why US Soccer has sucked for eternity. The recruiting model is way different/shittier here. In every major soccer county, if you have any semblance of talent or pedigree, pro clubs will purchase your rights from your family, and own you from the time you are four. They will put you through school, and teach you how to become a pro – all but guaranteeing success. Leo Messi had a kid and the day after it was born Barcelona paid millions for his rights.

    1. As if what happened with Messi would ever fly here. When you’ve got talking heads screaming bloody murder whenever colleges schmooze grade schoolers, can you imagine the howls of outrage from bleeding hearts over the notion of teams and/or schools shelling out millions to parents for the rights to their toddlers to play sports? You’d never hear the end of the indignation.

  6. Kylie – When you get a break from scouring twitter for information to fuel your petty vendettas, how about a mention of ESPN predicting the Redskins routing the Eagles 41-0 on Monday night.

  7. Wait, is this a coed school or all boys?? Because if there are girls there, it’s dangersly close to Jay Wright’s workplace…

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