Believe it or not, the New York Mets are now 10-8 after ripping off six wins in their last seven games. Apparently some dude started showing up looking like the Caucasian version of WWF’s The Godfather, and now some stuffy scribes up there, like former Inquirer writer Andy Martino, are complaining about it:

The “Rally Pimp” is a guy named Max Wiener. The 7 Line, a Mets fan group, says Max randomly appeared at games wearing colorful outfits, and the pimp nickname just sort of happened. The guy did not start calling himself the “Rally Pimp.”

It’s funny, because the dude could easily be mistaken for an extra in a Jane Fonda workout video, or the 5th member of Stryper. He’s wearing wacky outfits, not all of which look pimp-like:

Nothing to see here. He’s not eating dollar dogs with the hoes. He’s not sending women out to the chop shops surrounding Citi Field. He’s not engaging in the prostitution business. But baseball writers will be stuffy and complain, certain as death and taxes. How arrogant and ridiculous is it to say “I don’t care, I’m right about this.“? The one thing I’ve learned about New York media is that they’re incredibly snooty. They make Philadelphia’s sports writers look like Crossing Broad bloggers.

In my mind, the Rally Pimp is fun. I also hate him because he may have helped get the Mets back over .500.

But if you want to see a real pimp, it’s the late, great Pimp C from UGK.