I should make “Take it ‘Til You Make it” a series on this site. I wonder if we could get a sponsor. Maybe a mirror company or a private investigator who deals in lie detection and wants their services to reach more people. Hit me up, because there is a plethora of TITYMI content from the WIP airwaves alone and no one finds themselves spinning around in the take machine more than Joe Giglio. Honestly it’s impressive. You have to respect a guy who can get up in the morning every day, look himself in the mirror, and know he’s about to deliver the most hypocritical four hours this city has ever seen. He speaks like he’s not being recorded and gets paid nicely for it! He’s Joe Giglio: Take Gigolo. This happened Tuesday morning:

A little early in my opinion to make this announcement when a franchise has 142 seasons under its belt, but the weather breaks and the guys start to hit and suddenly this Phillies team looks unstoppable. It’d be a strong take if he hadn’t said this a month ago after the slow start:

At this moment, that not really good lineup ranks like this in MLB:

  • Batting Average: .258 (3rd)
  • Runs: 5.08  (3rd)
  • SLG%: .421 (3rd)
  • OPS: .756 (2nd)

The Take Gigolo strikes again!

He’s a prisoner of the moment. He looks at Kinker’s “Two Things Can Be True” theory and laughs maniacally. “How foolish,” he thinks. Sound arguments with supporting evidence for both sides. Ew. That’s not on the Joe Giglio Take Chart:

But this doesn’t even come close to his two trophy prizes stuffed and hanging above his fire place. Those are reserved for the truly crazy ones. Like trading Bryce Harper and Trea Turner for Juan Soto.

Play the song! Hooh hooh hooh!