Let’s Get Ready to Rumble- Game 3 Tonight @ 8:05

Mr. Met

Photo Source: Flickr.com

UPDATE: Phillies lose game 1, but as expected, Halladay saves the day in game 2. Series tied 1-1. Santana Vs. Moyer tonight at 8, on ESPN.

 Remember that guy who threw up on that 11 year-old girl? Well, this weekend, Citizens Bank Park will be full with people just like him; the scum of New York, the Mets fans. Yeah, I know. It's kind of cold saying that. But, I have seen how THEIR fans act at OUR ballpark. Besides, this is one of baseball's biggest rivalries, on and off the field. I'm just throwing the first punch this time.

Of course, the Mets fans will come in the hundreds to support the poor man's Yankees; the New York Mets. The Mets, who sit on top of the NL East by only 1/2 game, look to increase their divisional lead during this weekend's three-game series. They come into Philly on a 7 game winning streak, and they have the favorable pitching this weekend. Tonight, the Mets send LHP Jon Niese to the mound. He enters the game with a good ERA, but is 0-1 on the season. Opposing Niese, the Phillies send RHP Kyle Kendrick to the mound. Kendrick has the potential to pitch good, but he probably won't. Oh, who am I kidding. Kyle Kendrick sucks. However, Niese isn't no Steve Carlton either. Tonight is a toss up, and victory will depend on who has the more productive offense and bullpen. As for the rest of the weekend, that is a different story.

Saturday, the Mets send RHP Mike Pelfrey to the mound. The Phillies counter with Jesus Christ. I'm sorry, I mean RHP Roy Halladay. Im always getting those two confused. Anyway, we can all guess tomorrow's outcome. While Pelfrey does have a 4-0 record with a 0.69 ERA, that isn't the "real" Mike Pelfrey. It's time for him to come back to earth, and who better to help him do that than the Phillies. As for Halladay, I really don't think I have to say much. Phillies will win Saturday.

Sunday, the Phillies and Mets go prime-time. First pitch is at 8:05, and can be seen on ESPN. The Mets send their ace LHP Johan Santana to the mound. The Phillies counter with Yoda. Again, I'm sorry. I meant LHP Jamie Moyer. They are so old, I get them confused sometimes. Anyway, you can also guess how this game will go. You have to go with the Mets. Johan is a beast on the mound, and Moyer……well, he just isn't. I have to give the edge to the Mets in game 3.

Game 1 is the key to this series. The Phillies need to pick up the win tonight, as their chances are good for tomorrow. As for Sunday, I just don't think the Phillies can get the win. If they win tonight, they can win the series. It sure is gonna be an eventful weekend on the field, and in the stands. Round 1 of the Phillies Vs. Mets starts at 7:05, and the game can be seen on CSN