Weekly Roundup (Canadian Hate Edition): What you may have Missed in Philadelphia Sports Last Week 5/24

The Flyers took a 3-1 series lead in the Eastern Conference Finals.  

We live blogged it, and someone else made a video.

Jack Bauer was there too.

We hated Canada.

They hated us.

Someone stole their license plate, but it wasn't this guy.

The plain old French hated us too.

Simon Gagne and Scott Hartnell were voted two of the top 10 playoff beards.  

We asked to see yours.

But we don't like the one on the dasher boards at the Bell Centre, that's creepy.  So is Ryan Howard's lawn gnome.

We encouraged you to vote for the Phillies, but The Sporting News is cool too… Wheeler and TMac are not.

Charlie Manuel compared Jimmy Rollins to Columbus, while we compared Halladay to a robot… at the very least he's a collectible, thanks to a great Phillies promotion.  

The Sixers went through with a horrible one, and it might have worked.

Pedro Martinez eyed a return.

And finally, the Canadiens poured sand and Scott Gomez approved, but it doesn't matter because tonight the Flyers could go to the STANLEY CUP FINALS!