The Flyers lost the Stanley Cup.

Jeremy Roenick cried about it, and didn't apologize for it.

A healthy scratch called Chris Pronger an idiot, his teammates called him gay.

Pronger laughed it off.

Ryan Howard got a new girlfriend, maybe.

He also got a role in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with Chase Utley.

Roy Halladay lost $75,000.

The Spectrum sports complex lost some space, and the Wachovia Center lost its name.

Is Philadelphia the city of losers?  Fan opinion was strong.

T-Mac and Wheels went unplugged.

The Phillies are back in the spotlight, Chase Utley manages to avoid its glare.

DeSean Jackson wants to teach you sportsmanship.

The Phillies drafted Jessie Biddle, then signed him.

Werth went to a wizard, could go to the Yankees, disagreed with Charlie, and had really good seats at the Flyers game.

Ryan Madson had tickets too.

This NYPD officer got kicked out of Citi Field.

This lady painted a Flyers logo on her pregnant stomach.

And this kid drank a beer.