Scott Hartnell Makes the Perfect Terrible Commercial

Voila_Capture172In this spoof video, Director Zach Snider shows you how to make a terrible local athlete commercial by using these three rules:

1) The athlete should not be comfortable.

2) The athlete should not have inflection in his voice.

3) The athlete should not have an expression on his face.

Scott Hartnell was the perfect guinea pig for Snider in this mock (but secretly genius) Cherry Hill Audi commercial. The best part is when Snider feeds Hartnell the truck it, Phaneuf line. Brilliant!

Must-watch video after the jump.

H/T to (@Banditmax)


13 Responses

  1. Nicely done.

    If you spend any time at bars in the Haddon Township/Cherry Hill/Marlton area, you will be sure to bump into Hartnell. Seems like a good guy.

  2. Makes me think of Mike Richards and WG BMW.

    Experience. Quality, Trust.


  3. Harts is a good dude. Regular folk if you ever meet the mother fucker at a local watering hole

  4. I kept waiting for the actual footage of the Mike Richards monotone West German BMW commercial to show up in this…

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