Phillies: Ryan Howard Went to the ER on Monday, and You Can’t Beat Vegas

The Phillies, ostensibly still a thing, are wobbling to the end of the regular season. And Ryan Howard, who took a short-hop to the knee on Monday, wound up having to make an ER trip later in the night because of intense swelling.

Ryan Lawrence with the details:

After Howard left the ballpark and returned home, however, the condition of his knee worsened.

“He had to go to the emergency room to get his knee drained, so that doesn’t look good,” manager Pete Mackanin said. “But we’re just going to go day to day to see what happens.”

Since it is the same knee Howard had surgery on two years ago, there is obviously every reason to proceed with caution. Since only 2 1/2 weeks remain in the season, the Phillies are well out of any race and are attempting to audition younger players, it almost seems sensible to shut down Howard.

The discussion now seems to be shifting to: Should the Phillies shut Ryan Howard down? To which just about everyone would respond: Who cares!

Meanwhile, if you’re one of those people who thought it wise to bet against the Phillies every game this year, here’s how you would’ve done:

Voila_Capture 2015-09-16_09-32-42_AM

Translation: Not so good.

The graph comes courtesy of reader Austin, who determined that a $100 bettor against the Phils every game would only be ahead $278. Not exactly the best investment. So, if you think you can beat Vegas, you’re wrong. Vegas always knows. Always.

Of course, had you stopped just before the All-Star break, you would’ve been up $2,000. Always know when to pull out.

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16 Responses

  1. Just a few Radio Wars and other housekeeping items.

    Bruno is absolutely correct – He is owed that $$ and everyone at WIP knows it. They never thought he would go public, and now they are scrambling to put the fire out. The bigger issue is this Miss Robin is claiming she is owed about $1000 b/c she was a “guest booker” on for the station. Apparently, she got Jay Glazer or someone to call in and she wants the kickback. It’s amazing how she continues to create more trouble for Tony. He needs to cut her loose.

    Josh Innes has a short lease in his current slot. If he doesn’t bring in bigger advertiser by mis football season he will go back to working nights. Everyone knows that the rating system is flawed and the real money comes with advertisers (something that MM does well with his remotes, etc…). No one wants Innes in their establishment to do a show because they fear fans will come out and hate on him thus causing a negative scene. Makes sense.

    Also, Reeha Houghes is still fooling around with Innes. She was suppose to do a taped segment for BOB and rolled into the Studio. When Ellis saw that Innes was withher, he cxl the spot and told her to leave. Apparently, all the trash talking Innes did to his co-workes is coming back to bite him.

      1. Any truth to the rumor of Hollis Thomas and Spike Eskin nearly coming to blows because they can’t stand each other?

        1. there is some truth to this. it didn’t get too far. they were in each others faces but neither wanted to do anything. Hollis is speaking up and is mad about his talk time on the show. Eskin feels entitled and thinks he is a star because of his last name.

  2. Good. No there’s really no phucking reason for him to play or even be in the dugout. Send him home to the wh0re white wife so he can write another phucking book. Fuck off you piece of phucking monkey shit.

    1. Thank you for your reasoned and not-at-all racist rant.

      P.S. Is it hard to get a reliable supply of crosses suitable for burning? Asking for a friend.

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