Pandering, or Tone Deaf? These Guys Can Never Win

from the Eagles stream

Eagles head ball coach Nick Sirianni spoke to the media Wednesday.

He did so with a matching Phillies hat and sweatshirt combination:

Is this a violation? Not wearing the Phillies gear, but wearing the hat AND the sweatshirt? You’re trying to find the happy medium when it comes to good-faith assimilation without going overboard. Sirianni comes off here looking a little bit like the manager or an actual player, as if he just got done playing first base at Fantasy Camp with Joe DeCamara and Jack Fritz.

But I feel for these guys. Honestly. You can’t really win when it comes to stuff like this. If you go too far in one direction, you’re “pandering.” But if you wear an Astros hat, like Jalen Hurts did, then you’re tone deaf or some shit. God forbid Hurts wears the hat of his hometown baseball team. If these guys grew up in a different city, they don’t have to show some fake support for the Sixers or Flyers or whatever. For a town that claims to appreciate authenticity, we shouldn’t get twisted into a pretzel over these kinds of things.

Anyway, the power is out up here in Montco because some idiot ran into a telephone pole. So I’m at Saladworks. Good afternoon.