Let’s get Chuck’s take on the solar eclipse:

“I can understand if you’re like a little kid, but these adults talking about they were going through something, I said ‘what a bunch of fucking losers.’ ….come on man, please stop. If you wanna do that with a kid or something, or a science teacher wanna take a class out (fine), but if you’re a grown-ass person and you built your whole day around the eclipse, you’re a damn loser.”

Hmm. It’s not a bad take. If you’re an adult, you’ve probably seen an eclipse or two. But your kids likely have not, so if you took them outside with the glasses, that’s cool. We need more science in this world. We need more STEM learning in general, and fewer people trying to be streamers or influencers. Science, technology, engineering, and math? Yes. YouTubers? No, so in that sense we should all support anything that gets people outside and witnessing things empirically, using their own two eyes instead of whatever people on the news tell them to believe.

That said, was the eclipse some sort of biblical experience for you? A religious moment? Did you have a spiritual reckoning? Let us know. We’re taking your phone calls at 610-632-0975. Also, should Kyle Schwarber bat lead off? That’s coming up next.