What’s up, brother?

Thank you to Mother Nature. She ruined the first BOGO Night and gave us a 76° day to raise some money for Philabundance. I love that bitch!

So yeah, Dollar Dog Night tailgate will be on Tuesday, April 16th at 5 p.m. We go until there isn’t a dog left. The only rule is if you wear a Phillies City Connect jersey you have to pay $2 for every dog. That’s the only rule. Also, no throwing dogs. Also, no John Weber. Besides that there is only one rule. Another caveat is there might be a home play-in game that night as well if the NBA standings stay put with the Sixers hosting the 8th seed. Could be a double dip opportunity there.

If you want to donate hot dogs or buns or donations to Philabundance because you’re vegetarian or can’t make it, feel free to email me here. Some fans have also made donations already to Philabundance in Crossing Broad’s  name. We appreciate everyone’s support so far and can’t wait to see everyone at Lot G next Tuesday: