Phillies Send Email with a Message from Chase Utley

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 3.10.22 PMThe Phillies sent an email today and this one wasn’t an ad for a $7,000 TV.

It was a message and video from Chase Utley, thanking fans for sticking with the team during this frightful season.┬áStrangely, though, the first video clip was of Darren Daulton, who hasn’t been on the team in nearly two decades. Guess the home companion video this year is going to be pretty thin.

Video after the jump.


  1. Fire raj

  2. Isn’t a nail-biter the same thing as a heart-stopper???

  3. There’s actually no “you” in BASEBAL either, Chase.

  4. Yeah right best fans- They really showed up- Check the attendance figures. Pathetic fan base and bunch of bandwagoners.

    • Yes please check ESPN’s attendance numbers. Phillies are 8th. Pretty damn good for a team out of it since July. Way higher than Shitsburgh and Atlanta who have been in 1st place all year.

      Will concede that it doesn’t mean all fans actually attended after purchasing tickets.

      Nice try there Matt. Ya idiot.

  5. If they keep this up, next season they may have to wheel the confetti machine over from across the street. Gimmicks get everyone pumped up!

  6. Michael Martinez

    October 3, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    Am I any good at baseball yet?

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