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Watch These Marcus Mariota Videos so I Can Have All Your Page Views

Just because, here’s Marcus Mariota’s full white board session with Steve Mariucci on NFL Network (because every sports network is now required to do back-slapping coach interviews with quaterback prospects) in which Mariota speaks glowingly about Chip, Oregon’s tribute to Mariota during this the day of his daughter’s wedding the week of the Draft, and a Mariota highlight video called Super Mariota (hmm– seems like it would make for a good t-shirt). Continue reading

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Yeah I’m Sure the Eagles Are Totally Going to Lock up Sam Bradford Just Days Before a Potentially Franchise-Altering Draft

At this point it’s nearly impossible to mention every Eagles rumor, and probably even more difficult to determine which – if any – have merit. The assigned media is so deep in the weeds that they’re grasping at anything resembling an edible morsel of information, which may or may not be poisonous. Sports talk radio? Running out of topics:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-28_08-27-21_AM Voila_Capture 2015-04-28_08-26-05_AM

So when late yesterday it was reported by strategic mouthpiece Chris Mortensen that the Eagles were working on an extension with mediocre quarterback Sam Bradford, and that Bradford will not sign an extension with any team except the Eagles, just days before a draft which could potentially serve as the conduit to one of the most likely coach-quarterback pairings in history, the report was, rightfully, met with some skepticism.

Jimmy Kempski:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-28_08-39-53_AMVoila_Capture 2015-04-28_08-40-02_AMVoila_Capture 2015-04-28_08-40-10_AM

Eliot Shorr-Parks:

As with any report his time of year, just three days before the draft, you have to ask, why is it being leaked?

Bradford’s camp could be getting it out there that they don’t want to sign an extension with any other team, making it harder for the Eagles to trade him. Or, it could be the Eagles’ front office letting it be known they are trying to sign Bradford in an effort to drive up his price, and convince other teams they aren’t just going to give him away

Zach Berman, picking up on the Bradford-camp thread:

The most interesting part of the report was that Bradford seeks a no-trade clause this season and that he would only sign an extension with the Eagles. This would seem to send the message to other teams that dealing for Bradford would not come with any long-term contract security, thus limiting his value. The “no-trade clause” indicates that Bradford still thinks there’s a chance the Eagles could deal with him. It adds even more intrigue to the next 72 hours.

If this isn’t a strategic leak, I don’t know what is. Presumably any trade that would have the Eagles moving up in the draft to get Mariota would include Bradford, a hypothetical deal that could potentially hinge on Bradford agreeing to an extension with the acquiring team. But, if Bradford, coming off two ACL surgeries, has big enough balls to balk at such a thing, then it’s in the Eagles’ best interest to threaten to walk away (negotiating 101). How does one do that? By leaking that they’re close to locking up Bradford (which is one of the saddest sentences I’ve ever written on this site). Or this comes from Bradford’s people (I can’t believe he has them). But I think it’s the Eagles– the first line of Mort’s Tweet sounds like it was written by Chip Kelly:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-28_08-44-38_AM

Maybe not a pawn, but no more than a rook… who can’t move laterally. [Thanks, I’m here all week.]


These Are the Best (and Worst) Things the Phillies Are Auctioning Off

dan baker

To raise money for Phillies Charities, the Phils are auctioning off some truly awesome experience… and some other things. First, the great stuff:

And then, there are some slightly less interesting ones, like the chance to PAY to be an intern for a day (remember when people bitched about the unpaid CB internship program?), a private hitting(?) clinic with Ryan Howard, and more. There’s a bunch more here, but you might have to outbid Kyle for those Taylor Swift seats.


The Phillies are Reportedly Trying to Make all of Jonathan Papelbon’s Dreams Come True

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Papelbon wants to win. He’s never felt like a Phillie. He still feels like a member of the Red Sox in his heart. And Ruben Amaro just might just turn Papelbon back into the man he once was. according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe:

Right now, and it may change, we’re not sure the Red Sox have a closer they can depend on. Koji Uehara’s velocity is down about 3 miles per hour across the board with his splitter and fastball. The Phillies are trying to hook the Red Sox on bringing back Jonathan Papelbon.

Cafardo might want to double check that his source is not just Papelbon faking Ruben’s voice on the phone. But if the call went, “Hi, this is definitely Ruben Amaro and I’m bad at my job doop doop doop, want Papelbon derp?” then you know it was Ruben.

Can we trade them Hamels as well?


Someone Made a Case for Chase Utley to Be in the Hall of Fame

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Signs your career is nearing an end: posts like this one.

Ryan Spaeder, writing for the Sporting News:

Utley has put together a career that compares favorably with the careers of most of the second basemen who have been enshrined in Cooperstown. Take a look:

—  From 2005 to 2009, Utley had five straight seasons with at least a 7.0 WAR. Every other second basemen in history with at least four total 7.0 WAR seasons is in the Hall of Fame – Jackie Robinson (4), Sandberg (4), Charlie Gehringer (5), Morgan (5), Nap Lajoie (7), Eddie Collins (8) and Rogers Hornsby (8).

—  Utley batted .301/.388/.535 during that five-year peak from 2005 to 2009. Only four other second basemen have slashed that in a season since Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947. And none of them did it twice.

— Digging even deeper into his 2005 to 2009 peak: Utley averaged a .388 on-base percentage, 73 extra-base hits and 15 stolen bases per season. Only four second basemen in history have equaled those numbers in a single season, again all Hall of Famers: Craig Biggio, Gehringer, Hornsby and Lajoie; Gehringer is the only one who did it twice.

— Utley’s peak also yielded a great deal of World Series success. He has seven career World Series home runs. Duke Snider is the only National Leaguer with more (11). In 2009, he tied Mr. October, Reggie Jackson, for most home runs in a single World Series, with five. His career .795 World Series slugging percentage ranks second best all-time among players with at least 35 plate appearances — edged only by David Ortiz, by six-ten-thousandths of a point.

That is just a sampling of all the little Chase nuggets Spaeder, who goes by Ace of MLB Stats, unearthed. There’s no doubt it will come down to a longevity thing with Chase– his four-year window is off the charts, but a somewhat late start (he wasn’t a full-time player until he was 25-26) and injuries are working, hard, against him. Still, his 2009 World Series performance is one of the greatest Philly sports things I’ve ever witnessed. If only Charlie had started Lee in Game 4…


Connor Barwin and Bill Clinton are Pen Pals

barwin bill

Even though he met him last fall, a letter from Bill Clinton is probably the last piece of mail Connor Barwin expected to receive when Howie Roseman pushed the mail cart down the hallway at NovaCare. It looks like Chelsea may be converting Bill.

Barwin’s eco-friendly stance and interest in helping Haiti (and high hair shelf) are what caught Bill’s attention. But all that’s got me thinking is that a Barwin/Clinton Saturday morning cartoon where they solve the world’s problems while riding a tandem bicycle would be the best thing. No? Is that just me?


Here Are the Best Deals on 2015 Eagles Tickets on the Secondary Market

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

From our friends at TiqIQ:

It’s been a roller coaster offseason for the Eagles, who’ve done just about everything possible to keep fans on the edge of their seats. And the draft hasn’t even happened yet. Last week’s schedule release showed that the still-unknown Eagles will have their plates full through Week 10.

For fans hoping to get to an upcoming game at Lincoln Financial Field, Eagles ticket prices remain relatively affordable on the secondary market. Below is the list of all eight games in Philadelphia along with their get-in price– the cheapest ticket made available on the resale market, according to TiqIQ.

Week 2 vs Dallas Cowboys | Get-in: $103

The Eagles will play their first home game of the season against the Dallas Cowboys, and new Eagle DeMarco Murray will get his first chance at running over his former team. The get-in price for this game is $103, one of three games with the least expensive tickets over $100.

For those interested in roadtripping, Philly and Dallas will meet at AT&T Stadium in Arlington for a Sunday Night Football game in Week 9. That game currently owns a get-in price of $92.

Week 5 vs New Orleans Saints | Get-in: $88

With the second home game of the year coming way along in week 5, we’ll likely have a good sense of where the Eagles are going to be this year (and who they’ll be) as they face the always tough Saints. Tickets against the Saints have a get-in price of $88.

Week 6 vs New York Giants | Get-in: $109

The Eagles will welcome the Giants to the Linc for week 6’s Monday Night Football matchup. Tickets for the game currently own a get-in price of $109.

Week 10 vs Miami Dolphins | Get-in: $68

The Eagles face off against the Dolphins in week 10 in one of the season’s cheapest games, because it’s the Dolphins. Whoever is playing QB in week 10 will have to run from Ndamukong Suh, unless he’s serving one of his frequent suspensions.

Week 11 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Get-in: $68

Week 11 will either bring a much-hyped Mariota vs. Winston matchup to the Linc (in which case expect the get-in price to jump) or a less hyped Winston vs. Sanchez/Bradford/whoever. It’s the cheapest ticket of the season.

Week 14 vs Buffalo Bills | Get-in: $90

LeSean McCoy’s homecoming game comes in at a sub-$100 get-in price, but you can expect that to continually climb. The two teams haven’t met since 2011, but team vs. team history isn’t really the story here.

Week 15 vs Arizona Cardinals | Get-in: $72

The week 15 game against the Cardinals is currently sees get-in price start at $72 on the secondary market. The Cardinals will be looking to reverse their fortune after being eliminated from playoff contention in the Wild Card Round last season, and the teams’ last meeting resulted in a 24-20 Eagles loss

Week 16 vs Washington Redskins | Get-in: $110

The Eagles’ final home game against the NFC East foe Redskins will also be the team’s most expensive of the year. The low price for their Week 16 matchup is currently set at $110.

While the Redskins enter a period of uncertainty and continue to fade into obscurity under Robert Griffin III, the Eagles will hope to capitalize at home during their penultimate game of the regular season, in a game that could be very important if the last few seasons are any indication. The Eagles hosted the Redskins last September and squeaked out a close 37-34 win over Washington.

TiqIQ powers Crossing Broad Tickets, which rounds up the best available deals on the secondary market. We get a small commission for referring the sale.


HBO Star Recounts Time Flyers Fans Threw Batteries at Santa Claus

Voila_Capture 2015-04-27_10-20-19_AM

Zach Woods, whom you may recognize from HBO’s outstanding Silicon Valley or The Office or Veep, was a guest on Marc Maron’s podcast this week, and Woods, who grew up in Trenton, amalgamated every Philly fan cliché into one during this exchange where he and Maron explained (mostly correctly) the dingy feel of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia:

Maron: “It just feels like there’s a dark and post-industrial vibe.”

Woods: “Right. It’s also, Philadelphia’s kind of a racist city and their sports – and I’m not like a big sports guy – but I remember when I was growing up and Santa Claus would skate onto the ice around Christmas time at Flyers games and people would throw batteries at Santa Claus.”

Maron: “That’s not racist– it’s just weird anti-Santa shit. That’s just fucked up.”

Woods: “It’s so weird… because you could throw drinks or things they have at the stadium, but batteries are premeditated, like you have to bring a battery from home.”

Maron: “Why batteries, why specifically at Santa?”

Woods: “It’s a complicated combination of elements.”

Indeed it is, Zach.

H/T to (@Modrevolve)

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