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Nationals Fans Already Hate Jonathan Papelbon

papelbon fister

OK, maybe a little bit of hyperbole there, but Nationals fans are already salty at Jonathan Papelbon for taking the number 58 and leaving Nats legend Doug Fister to switch his number to 33 like some kind of loser. It definitely doesn’t help that his reputation precedes him – and they’re pissy that Drew Storen isn’t closing anymore – but Washington Post was already able to grab a bunch of tweets of people being all mad at Paps just for wearing the number he’s always worn. Papelbon compensated Fister for the number switch, as players often do, but this should be a fun ride for him.

We should tell them about “Papelbum.” Do you think they know about “Papelbum”? It’s pretty clever. Check some of the salty Nats tweets after the jump.

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Report: Phils Could Still Be Dealing, Ben Revere May Be Next


Looks like Ruben Amaro finally decided to show up at a trade deadline. Wonder what’s different?

We’ll have more on this report/rumor as it becomes available.


#ChatWithPat Lived Up To Its Billing

Photo: Phillies Twitter

Photo: Phillies Twitter

The Phillies, incredibly, offered up Pat Burrell for a Twitter chat this afternoon in advance of his Wall of Fame induction tomorrow night. I have no idea what Pat had to say, because it’s the questions that didn’t get answered which stood out. It’s best to nestle into this with a cold one: Continue reading


This Guy Assaulted an Employee at a DC Area Polo Store with a Hammer, His Police Sketch Will Make You a Suspect

Voila_Capture 2015-07-30_10-40-03_AM

NBC Washington:

Police are looking for a man who struck a store employee with the claw of a hammer Tuesday evening.

An 18-year-old employee at the Polo Ralph Lauren store in the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets was escorting a customer to a fitting room when the customer pulled out a 6-inch hammer and struck the victim in the neck with the claw end.

“Who carries something like that around?” asked a shopper on Wednesday.

The victim was transported to Inova Fairfax Hospital with puncture wounds in his neck. He is in stable condition, police said.

This could literally be any one of our readers. Or me. WE’RE ALL SUSPECTS.

Voila_Capture 2015-07-30_10-49-10_AM


H/T to (@bluehenMFer)


Some Thoughts On The Hamels Trade

Should we tell Ruben about the trade or just wait until he comes in tomorrow?

Should we tell Ruben about the trade or just wait until he comes in tomorrow?

They did… good?

When details of the trade started to leak out, it was being reported that the Phillies received the Rangers’ sixth-ranked prospect, catcher Jorge Alfaro (considered by some to be the best catching prospect in baseball) and Jerad Eickhoff (a middling pitching prospect who, frustratingly, doesn’t use a second R in his name) in exchange for Hamels. Early on, it was clear that top prospects and youngsters Joey Gallo and Nomar Mazara would not be coming over.

Initial reaction: disappointment.

But then, as more details leaked, the haul kept getting better and better. Fifth-ranked prospect Nick Williams (a free-swinging power outfielder whose scouting report sounds a lot like Dom Brown’s…)… and then fourth-ranked prospect Jake Thompson (who projects as a third or maybe even second starter)… others, including a salary dump in Matt Harrison that the Phillies were willing to take on. It was reported that Jake Diekman would also be going over in the deal. Fine.

Hamels has been the Phillies’ biggest trade chip for years. Ryan Howard is virtually untradable, Chase Utley doesn’t really have legs anymore, Jonathan Papelbon was an expensive closer and a huge dick, Cliff Lee had some value but is older than Hamels and is hurt now anyway. Cole is still in his prime, and fairly durable. So this was it. He was the piece the Phils had to move to really kick the rebuild into high gear. They did a nice job getting something in return.

All along it was reported that teams were bristling at the Phils’ demands for top prospects. I think that’s partly because Ruben Amaro isn’t good at his job, and partly because teams are wising up to panicky deadline deals… likely because the Phillies serve as a cautionary tale for what can happen when you go for broke year after year. So getting three of a team’s top six prospects and two others (Eickhoff and pitcher Alec Asher) is more than a decent return for Hamels.

Few players are a sure-thing, and teams aren’t trading those who are. So you play the numbers game. You take three or four really good prospects, cross your fingers, and wait to see if one or two of them become + MLB players. If they do, the trade is a huge win.  In this case, if Alfaro becomes the Phillies’ catcher for the next decade and Thompson becomes a reliable starter, I’d be happy. Anything else would just be a bonus.

Verdict: good trade.

Note: All the rankings here are based on’s list.


The Mets Are a Hilarious Disaster

Voila_Capture 2015-07-29_10-04-51_PM

Even when they’re good, the New York Metropolitans are ridiculous.

Last night, as news of the Cole Hamels BLOCKBUSTER leaked out, Twitter lit up with Mets head shakes as manager Terry Collins left a crying Wilmer Flores in the game. Flores thought he had been traded to the Brewers along with Zack Wheeler for Carlos Gomez. There were multiple reports all but confirming the news.

Only… the trade didn’t happen.


GM Sandy Alderson blamed social media, because no matter the circumstance, it must be Twitter’s fault. Sir Sandy:

“There is no trade. And unfortunately, social media, etc. got ahead of the facts and, um, may have had an adverse effect on one of the players rumored to be involved.”

Nice. If he thought social media was cruel last night, wait until today when it skewers him for being a feckless coward.

But the Mets weren’t done messing with Flores.

During a borderline epic post-game rant (video after the jump), it sounded like Collins called Flores “a gay kid.” No, really. Listen: Continue reading


Hamels Deal Recap

Photo credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Phillies trade:

Cole Hamels

Jake Diekman



Phillies get:

Jerad Eickhoff

Jorge Alfaro

Alec Asher

Matt Harrison (salary dump)

Nick Williams

Jake Thompson


Here’s a scouting report – INCLUDING PROSPECT RANKINGS – on the haul.

Here are all the running updates.

Here’s Hamels #AgainAgainAgain speech so you can be sad.



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