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All the backdoor lobbying by Sixers and Devils CEO Scott O’Neil against overhauling the NBA Draft and Lottery while the Sixers are in the midst of milking the systems’ weak points has apparently paid off. You may continue your tanking as you see fit.

In a bed somewhere, Jim and his 102 fever are thrilled about this.


No, Sidney, You’re Not Allowed to like the Rocky Movies

H/T to (@eaglesfan2018)

H/T to (@eaglesfan2018)

An old timey reporter who spoke of social media as if it was some sort of abstract concept asked Sidney Crosby about the supposed Philly blacklash over his Rocky Halloween costume. Crosby was miffed. Indignant, even:

“I was Maverick* last year from Top Gun. I’m not allowed to be a…”

It’s just kind of funny Philly fans would… they’re always looking for something.

“I like the movie, too. Maybe they’ll soften up on me because I picked that. I don’t know, we’ll see. It was all in good fun. I like the Rocky movies. There was nothing else behind it.”

If you’re looking for any last minute Halloween costume ideas and don’t want to be a Tom Cruise character, you can go as Cindy’s head bleeding, NHL 94 style:


Flyers-Penguins tonight! That should go well.

*He would go as Maverick.


Somewhere, Buzz Bissinger Makes Sad Time: Nick Foles Does Q & A with Maxim

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, you should talk to that magazine with all the paper ladies in it!

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, you should talk to that magazine with all the paper ladies in it!

Well, Q & A might be a bit of a misnomer here. Foles, like Bissinger said, is kind of boring and a robot. Maxim basically offered him a chance to clear his name (as if it needs clearing) and Foles responded with… well, even Maxim was kind of disappointed:

Foles has been accused of lacking grit, but it’s possible his jawline is just less square, his body less compact. He doesn’t have to look determined because he wins and that’s his job. Yes, he keeps throwing interceptions, but he also keeps throwing touchdowns. The Eagles score. The Eagles win. The Eagles peck the Giants’ eyes out, pull down their trousers, and humiliate them in front of America. Then Nick Foles answers questions about turnovers. It’s not fair; it’s just football.

In the spirit of turning play around, Maxim talked to Foles about other people talking about Foles. He was calm about the whole thing, a bit more even keeled than we would have liked. But that’s his prerogative. As long as the Eagles are on top, it doesn’t matter if Foles seems more pecked than pecker.

Maybe even keeled, but he’s downright badass on the field when special dudes get hurt.

The most interesting answer from Foles in the brief exchange was:

[The defense] has been good to you. Do you thank them when they help you out?

Whenever they get a stop you celebrate with them. The other night, I threw an interception and they got a stop so we celebrated. They tell me, “We’ll go stop ‘em for you.” It’s like a brotherhood and you have to have each others’ backs. It’s about operating under the same philosophy instilled by the coaches.

Honestly? Nick should just have bro Mark Sanchez do all of his media requests: Duuuuuuuude, he made me look sweeeeeet out there. Did you try the chicken tenders?* 

You can read the full Q & A here.

*Actual quotes

H/T to (@Caleb_Mezzy)


Watch Luke Schenn Get Completely Torched in the Final Minutes of a 4-0 Whooping


The Schenn brothers are not working out so well. Luke is inconsistent and slow, and Brayden has yet to show any sign that he’s anything more than a third line winger, at best.

Last night it was Luke’s turn to shine. He was on the ice for three of the Blackhawks’ four goals in their 4-0 beatdown of the Flyers. And that’s not counting this hilarious – but also sad… mostly sad – turnstiling by middling forward Ben Smith, who made Schenn look like one of the chubby guys in NES Ice Hockey in the final minutes of the game. Twitter took note:

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.04.36 AM

Trade tracker: James van Riemsdyk had his first 30-goal season last year. He has three goals and two assists in seven games this season. Luke Schenn is a -7 through six games.


Joe Conklin Lampoons the Sixers’ Marketing Message

This is funny. But to be fair to the Sixers (look at me, showing restraint in making fun of the Sixers!), they’ve been pretty up-front about the fact that they’re going to be the worst team in the history of basketball this season. You have to respect that. What they’re doing is certainly a lot more commendable than what the Phillies are doing, which is trying to sell you a terrible product before it becomes obsolete. The Sixers are like the original iPhone of basketball teams– rough around the edges, missing many essential features, but there’s a solid foundation to work with and it shows great promise. The Phillies are basically Blackberry– awesome in 2007, but completely useless now and trying to shove square pegs into round holes in an attempt to extract the last wads of cash from their remaining fans’ hands before completely killing off their product.


How Do You Feel about the Food at The Linc?

Jillian King of The Week rates Pizzeria Vetri at Lincoln Financial Field among the best food choices in the NFL:

Not to be outdone by their bat-swinging next-door neighbors’ Federal Donuts location, the Eagles can now brag about not one but two new Pizzeria Vetri locations (one in the SCA Club, the other in the Panasonic Club). Each mini outpost of chef Marc Vetri’s popular Philly pizzeria of the same name bakes its pies in custom on-site brick ovens. The menu is limited to the only three items you need: margherita pizza, sausage pizza and rotolos, a Vetri signature that’s a pizza-dough rollup of ricotta, spicy soppressata and marinara.

Here’s been my food experience at The Linc so far this season, having sat in both the lower level (twice) and southwest terrace (once): terrible generic cheesesteak, soggy Tony Luke’s roast pork, awful Chickie’s and Pete’s buffalo cutlets, way too much Anheuser-Busch Goose Island on the concourse.

The problem is that most of the premium food options seem to be located in club and premium areas, at least compared to, say, Citizens Bank Park, where good food is quite accessible. It’s as if the Eagles decided that their season ticket-holding and tailgating mongrels would be just fine with terrible Bud family products and typical fare. I don’t have actual numbers to back that up, but I do find it substantially more difficult to find good food and true craft beer at The Linc than CBP.

And as for the lousy Chickie’s and Pete’s and Tony Luke’s offerings– I don’t blame them, I blame Aramark and their unique ability to turn palatable food into an unappetizing mush that someone may have… wait… yep, just sneezed on. The Schmitter had this problem at Citizens Bank Park, but it seems as though McNally’s was able to flex some muscle and get Aramark to take better care of their product.


Just What Do the Numbers on the Back of Chip Kelly’s Play Card Mean?

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Saltveit, who was excellent in discussing all things Chip Kelly on our podcast last week, dives deep into Kelly lore and tries to determine what the current S-8 stands for on the back of his play card:

As for the meaning, it’s interesting that the combinations [of numbers and letters] stick around for a few games at a time. You have to think it’s a way to identify different play sheets, implying that the Eagles’ offense changed for the Denver game. The much more successful S1 – S2 offense came in mid-season after the team settled on Nick Foles, and they went 7-1 the rest of the way before losing to New Orleans in the playoffs.

This is exactly why we had Mark on last week. You won’t fine this sort of perfectly nonsensical bye week analysis anywhere else. Well, unless you’re into fashion.


The Full Video of Chip Kelly and Nick Foles Mic’d up Is Spectacular

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.32.40 AM

Assuming that most of you weren’t watching NFL Network last Wednesday night and that you’ve only seen the excerpts of Chip Kelly explaining how culture wins football and Nick Foles calling Darren Sproles a special dude, here’s the full five-minute video of Chip and Nick mic’d up last Sunday night. It features:

– more bro Mark Sanchez (“Nice toss, big fella. He made you look SWEET right there!”)

– Chip declaring that he needs the shutout (love this)

– Chip explaining the Eagles’ three-man weave in warmups

– Chip upset when Foles can’t recognize zone coverage (and then throwing interception)

– David Molk loving life (“LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!”)

– Foles aw-shucks-ing a “What the hell?” when Sproles nearly had his leg snapped off

– Riley Cooper brown nosing

– and more!

I love this team so much. Watch the full thing here– it’s well worth five minutes if you haven’t seen it.


Get one.

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