Must Watch Video: Holy Family Coach and Player Meet on Good Morning America

You need to fast forward to the 6:40 mark for the good stuff, but here is the full video (courtesy of ABC) of Holy Family coach John O'Connor and player Matt Kravchuk meeting in-person on Good Morning America.

Both sides are in the wrong here.

If you watch the first five minutes, it's apparent that O'Connor doesn't seem to fully grasp what he did as being wrong. You can't hit someone who is 6'5, 202 lbs, hard enough that he falls to the ground. There's a fine line between "tough love" and shouldering a kid. That being said, O'Conner apologized to Kravchuk, who, oh by the way, continued to practice with the team for a few days.

Kravchuk didn't see Holy Family take the sort of action he was looking for, so he went to the police- that's when this thing went way further than it needed to. Now this has turned into a national story, O'Connor may be facing charges, and will likely never get a coaching job again. Meanwhile, Kravchuk sits there on national TV and chimes in with these wussy comments:

To be honest, it's kind of hard to accept your apology. Just because, you know, you claim it's justified and you claim you weren't crossing the line. And also, I came to Holy Family to play basketball and now I'm injured and I can't play. And I can't play for you anymore just because, as your player, I'm supposed to respect you, and I feel I can't do that anymore.



Here's my full take on it, including nasty broken wrist picture, at Philly Sports Daily.

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  1. That kid is SUCH a baby. It’s obviously a contact drill. He should probably start punching himself in the balls until they drop and he can claim to actually have a set.

  2. Geez, back in the day you could do much worse at a practice and by day two, it was forgotten about. Both parties are idiots, suck it up and move on with life. Sounds like the coach had a bad moment, it got caught on camera and now it’s a big issue with the kid dragging his coach through the mud.
    I’ve never heard the word “apology” more times than this 9:24 minute clip. The coach apologized, suspend him for a couple of games, and then let him go back to coaching when his time is up. The kid needs to accept the apology, realize that people make mistakes and move back on the court.

  3. The word “kick” needs to be taken out of this. That isn’t a kick…it’s more of a nudge. This boy needs to learn how to play the game.

  4. This is what happens when you can file a lawsuit against anybody for anything. It would be a shame for the coach to have his career and means of making an income jeopardized by this incident because this kid is a sissy. I agree that this deserves some attention and discipline, but there comes a point where this kid has to understand that the coach did not intend to injure him, and as an athlete himself, the competitive nature of the coach took over for a few minutes. No need to go out of your way to involve police, but the university needs to do a better job making sure this kid is taken care of and any medical expenses are covered.

  5. This kid is a complete wuss. G-d forbid he play a real contact sport like hockey or football and get nailed by someone. The kid is looking for a lawsuit and the poor coach is paying more than his proper share for what he did.

  6. If you ask me, both sides came up plenty small. While what O’Connor did wasn’t exactly kosher, I’m sure that’s probably tame compared to years gone by (Bob Knight probably did worse out of sheer habit), the only difference is that it usually isn’t captured on tape and posted on YouTube for the world to see, and O’Connor should’ve known better. As for Kravchuk, can someone burp that kid and give him a binkie? Christ! Talk about sounding like a major wussie!

  7. This went WAAAY farther than it needed to. If the University would have just responded with a game suspension and asked the coach to apologize, it would have been done. But for them to lie and try to brush it under the rug is stupid, and it seemingly forced the kid’s hand to hire a lawyer and file the police report. The AD should be suspended for being a moron.
    The end of this is probably for the coach to finish the suspension, take an anger management class for good PR, and the kid never plays for HFU. Done and done, no police necessary.

  8. When keeping it real goes wrong. Coach is just keeping it real and this kid is a puss. After a baseball game, in middle school, where my teams infield committed 4 errors our coach made the whole team line up 40 feet away from him and he hit grounders at us as hard as he could until one of the guys face exploded with a liner. He didn’t care cause he keeps it real too.

  9. that kid is the biggest douche ever…”I felt like the university owes it to me…” The University doesn’t owe you shit. And what injury did he sustain that was so bad he can no longer play?!? I’d be ashamed of myself if that were my child. His parents need to tuffin’ him up and make him drop all charges. I’ve seen worse contact in games of one on one on the play ground. What’s next? Suing the opposing coach for having his players setting picks on this dweeb?!?

  10. The coach is a disgrace to Holy Family. The fact that this was covered up for 3 weeks shows what a BS AD Sandy Michael is. Covering this up is just as bad as the Catholic Church hiding all these priest pedofiles.

  11. What a complete vagina…this kid is a GIGANTIC PUSSY…it was clearly unintentional of this kid getting hurt.
    God help this generation of kids coming up…so far all I’ve seen is a bunch of frickin’ pussies

  12. I wrestled and played football throughout my highschool/college years. If that’s all my coach did to me I would have been HAPPY. God, I am only 30 but seriously hate the new breed of kids growing up that can’t grow a damn backbone.

  13. Im gonna start off by saying the coach was outta line for deckin the kid (had he been part of the drill besides throwing the ball up he woulda been fine), but as most people have said, the kid is soft.
    I got full body checked AND headhunted by my 45 year old assistant lacrosse coach when i was in 7th grade and didnt say jack squat…. i lost respect for him, but it didnt stop me from playing. well rolled an ankle the one time, but played after a week off. Def wasnt quitting.
    I think the kid was raised where there can be no losers in any competition. God save us all!

  14. How injured can this kid really be?? He flat out said, he continued practicing for a few weeks after the incident, and now he’s running around saying he’s too injured to play?…. BULLSHIT!

  15. At best, the coach shoulda apologized. My HS coach used to punch me in the gut when I went up for rebounds, for like 2 hrs straight. I knew it was for my own good. Wuss.

  16. Imagine the first time this kid gets into a game after this. The opposition will be taking shots at him left and right knowing how soft he is

  17. That kid is a punk. I would’ve beaten the everloving shit out of that coach if I was in that situation, and then handled the ramifications internally.
    It’s one thing to draw some contact. That doosh coach crossed the line, but there’s still no reason to go to the police. He’s a grown ass man, not a child. He needs to learn to handle his business.

  18. That kid is a punk. I would’ve beaten the everloving shit out of that coach if I was in that situation, and then handled the ramifications internally.
    It’s one thing to draw some contact. That doosh coach crossed the line, but there’s still no reason to go to the police. He’s a grown ass man, not a child. He needs to learn to handle his business.

  19. This whole story is an embarassment. Shit happens, and the fact that the coach apologized sincerely to the team as a whole and then to the player alone shows he did not mean to hurt the wittle baby. This is clearly a case of the parents wanting some extra money and becoming a part of the epidemic that is “sue anyone for anything”. This should NOT be news!

  20. I would love nothing more than to sock this little baby right square in the colon for being such a pussy. I used to play soccer against 20 year olds at the tender young age of 15, and I got the snots knocked out of me. Instead of being a blubbering vagina, I got my ass back up and played the game like a man.

  21. where is the kick? he nudged him…a push with the foot…Quit being a little baby, damn…Coach, say what you want, ” Hes a bitch and he needs to man up”! This makes me sick. He has nothing to be sorry for. Congratulations kid, you just shown the world how big of a vagina you really are.

  22. This kid is such a pussy. He should go to prison for wasting america’s time with his wimpy sob story. Grow up you bitch. Life’s gonna get a lot tougher then your coach touching your leg with his foot.

  23. I agree with just about all of you. The coach was out of line, but the kid, however, took this way too far by going to police and making a story out of it. Now he’s coming across as such a baby. He’s 6’5, 202 for Christ’s sake.

  24. I agree with whoever said they need to stop saying the word kick. That was a nudge at worst. Jesus.

  25. University should have handled it immediately…typical no action administrative decision…now a coach has his career ruined and as kid is maked as a sissy forever…

  26. Matt, I hope you are reading all this shit online. Whoever is dragging you along telling you that you’ll get some kind of $$$ or whatever by pulling this shit…shame on them. If its your mother, then she needs to pop her titty out of your mouth and let you grow up. THAT COACH IS TRYING TO GET YOU TO TOUGHEN THE HELL UP. Try fucking listening to him. If you flop that easy then he’s got a point. Actually I pray you do get some kind of settlement out of all this… and then, please, do me a favor and fuck off somewhere where you don’t have to be a weak burden anymore to this country like you obviously were to the “Holy Family” basketball team.

  27. Just heard on KYW this morning that O’Connor resigned. No surprise there, after that incident went viral, there was no way he could keep his job, and he probably won’t ever be able to coach again. As for Kravchuk, he gets the scarlet P for “Pussy” and will be branded a laughingstock for the rest of his life after that pathetic performance on GMA. No winners in this sordid story….unless you count Kravchuk’s lawyer and the billable hours he got out of this fiasco.

  28. There is blame to place on both sides after the whole incident. For those tough guys out there on the internet, I’ve read enough of your old, hs stories to make me laugh. I’m not writing to do that. The first point is that the coach is a complete jackarse for not being accountable like a real man. His lawyer should have slapped him silly during the first part of the interview. He looked like a dope trying to justify his actions. Secondly, this kid should have handled it with the coach and the team on his own. Now, they are both looking like losers. Just my take on it.

  29. that kid needs to grow up. that is not a kick and then he ties to get all high and mighty like i dont accept blah blah blah. and what is hurt, his ego cause all i saw was a bloody nose so why cant he play cause his nose hurts. sorry coach this kid is a fag.

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