NHL Players Rank Bryz as One of the Toughest Shootout Goalies

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You know, we’re not, like, trying to hate on Bryz here, but it is surprising that NHL players still have a healthy modicum of respect for Bryz and his shootout prowess (though we have no idea when the poll was actually conducted).

Sports Illustrated polled 186 NHL players and asked them who they thought was the toughest goalie to face in a shootout. The top 10:

1) Justin Bieber’s friend Henrik Lundqvist

2) Pekka Rinne

3) Marc-Andre Fleury

4) Ryan Miller’s nasally drone

5) The guy who didn’t go to the White House

6) Kari Lehtonen

7) Martin Brodeur (seriously, how old is he now?… he’s been playing in the NHL since 1991. 1991! retire already!)

8) Carey Price

9) Ilya Bryzgalov

10) Jonathan Quick

For the record: Bryz, who recently said the goal during a shootout looks like a soccer net, is 2-of-10 in such situations this year– that’s good for a .200 sv %, last in the league.

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  1. I still don’t know what the big deal is. Shootouts don’t matter come playoffs. When criticizing the goalies during shootouts, we should also acknowledge that the forwards have been laying eggs for the most part as well.
    Aside from the rough Rangers game where no one seemed to be on the same page, Bryz has been lights-out since the All-Star break.
    Also, half a year of inconsistent play and a few bad shootout losses doesn’t erase years of excellent play. Bryz is a solid goaltender, on the precipice of elite a year ago. Half a season in a new location shouldn’t change that.

  2. You know, maybe it’s because they have some perspective beyond 3 games like people in Philadelphia, and know that he’s a good goaltender. Just a hunch.

  3. @Matt Amen
    @Social Media…you do realize that some of the best NHL players are Russian right? Malkin ring a bell? Ovechkin?
    I have an idea lets blame the Winnipeg game where he gave up only 1 goal and stopped 2 of in the shootout on Bryz.
    Wait…Even better lets blame him for losing the Islanders game…only in Philly can a guy get a shutout and lose a game and be the center of blame…
    Bryz is not the problem in Philly…the media wants controversy so they cause one so they have something to talk about. Nobody seems to be ripping Giroux’s 3 goals since returning from concussion, JVR big signing and not producing or briere’s (highest cap hit on team) 31 points so far.
    Flyers D sucks…bryz is asked to make 4-5 big saves a period compared to goalies like Thomas and Lundquist who have top tier D infront of them, and are asked to make 2-3 big saves a game.
    Put Thomas or Lundquist in net for the Flyers and I would bet everything that the Flyers record would be relatively the same.

  4. Shootouts matter. I understand that they do not have shootouts in the playoffs, but that is not the end of the discussion. The flyers have missed out on a possible 5 points so far in the standings because Bryz forgets how to play goalie once overtime ends. 5 points may not seem like much, but what if the Flyers lose another 3-4 shootouts by the end of the year? Totally possible. 8-9 lost points is important and will 100% affect the Flyers’ final playoff position. Do you want to play a red hot Devils team (who just waxed us) or maybe Pittsburgh in the first round or would you rather play the Leafs or Senators? Shootouts matter.

  5. Yes shootouts matter. So maybe our forwards should focus on learning how to score in them. Because we weren’t winning that shootout in the Islanders game, no matter if Bryz made a stop or not. (Does everyone forget that both Philly shooters failed to score?)

  6. Bryz has stopped 20% of shots in shootouts this year, which sucks. But everyone conveniently forgets that Flyers shooters have scored on only 29% of their shots. Not going to win too many shootouts with that number, I don’t care if your goaltender is Lundqvist or Rinne or whoever.

  7. Amy, I agree, we need to score. But when your goalie is going to give up the first two shots no doubt, its hard to get the shootout win. The only game where he even saved a shootout attempt was Winnipeg.
    Also, Lavs shootout strategy is completely whack. How are you going to allow your team to lose a shootout after two attempts and your absolute best player doesn’t even get a chance to go? Makes no sense at all. G should be first every single time. Get your team a chance to get a 1-0 lead or at least tie it up 1-1. I know he has struggled lately but there is no one even close to him that I would put first.

  8. Flyers – You are right, and I don’t mean to defend Bryz’s performance in shootouts this year. It’s been pretty bad. I just have a really hard time seeing him get booed after 65 minutes of shutout hockey when there was no chance of any of our shooters scoring in that shootout. He shouldn’t shoulder all the blame, when really the shooting is as big of a problem as the goaltending.
    And I agree with you on Giroux. Laviolette’s choices in shooters absolutely confound me every single time.

  9. Amy- I agree. Every aspect of a Flyers shootout is brutal. I feel like every Flyers shootout is over by the second round. No matter who is at fault, the Flyers need to find a way to fix it quickly or it is definitely going to impact their playoff seeding at the end of the year.

  10. Amy, Chirp and Flyers-
    Agree with all of you. Spot on assessments all around.
    Social Media-
    Way to take what Chirp said out of context. Pretty sure he didn’t say Bryz sucked in shootouts because of the D. He said some of Bryz’ overall struggles can be attributed to a bad D. But I know, that would require reading past the “…” in his sentence. Hard for some people to do.

  11. Its about Bryz in shootouts.
    Oranges taste good. I like swimming. Do you smell that?
    Let’s just toss everything out there, huh?

  12. If oranges were being solely blamed for a team’s losses, or Bryz was swimming before every game and therefore not as energetic, or if that smell was Bryz’ pre-game sex stench from his wife, then yeah, toss it out there.
    See, when you relate something that is not quite directly related to the context of the article to a broader point about the subject of the article, it’s legitimate.
    Titty sprinkles are not, in this case, relevant, which is why they were not brought up.

  13. @Matt P
    you’re dumb. sure they don’t matter IN the playoffs, but they sure as hell matter to get TO the playoffs. A la 2010. Or even how if we won more of ours this year we’d be in first place.

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