Well, Funny Or Die Was Behind the Dennis Quaid Rant

And their execution was amazing.

As you probably guessed– that video wasn’t real. But it wasn’t Jimmy Kimmel that put him up to it. It was Funny Or Die that was behind it, and their execution was brilliant. Here’s the full video:

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6 Responses

  1. I thought this was a sports site. Dennis Quaid was in the Rookie. I guess that counts?

  2. Christian Bale did it better.

    But if you’re going to put up a pointless video with a Quaid ranting and raving, make it Randy next time. He would certainly be more amusing.

  3. Coming up next on the Afternoon Zoo with Josh and Tony…..MOVIES! We talk about what movies we like and what actresses we want to bang. Also on the docket: my girlfriend, me, my dad, my career, Houston sports, the St. Louis Cardinals and vague shots at Anthony Gargano. All ahead on the Afternoon Zoo.

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