The Yankees and Red Sox are Battling for Hamels, Says Legendary Baseball Insider John Bolaris

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John Bolaris, a baseball insider and nothing else, is known for nothing if not his consistently accurate predictions. So yesterday, being that he’s been a well-connected source on this these things for a long, long time, Twitter caught fire when the baseball oracle started reporting on Cole Hamels trade discussions:

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jbo amaro
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100 years

This is as rock-solid as it gets. There’s no reason not to trust an insider like Bolaris. MLB hot stove and deadline news usually emanates from someone like Jayson Stark, Jon Heyman, Ken Rosenthal, or John Bolaris. So you can write this deal in ink. Have fun in Boston, Cole.


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  1. hahahaha holy crap. this is a great find Jim! Bolaris is officially off of the deep end. I will gladly pay $200/month to have the privilege to follow Bolaris on twitter.

  2. Like I said in an earlier post,Cole Hamels will proudly be wearing my beloved Dodgers blue in less than a week’s time.

    Just the thought of Hamels,Kershaw and Greinke pitching in the post-season for my Dodgers is enough to send shivers down the spines of every National league manager.


    1. funny you were just saying on the rob & mayes show last week you wouldn’t give up puig

    2. The way that fraud Kershaw pitches in the postseason, they might be better off moving him to the bullpen.

  3. The funny thing about this though…. Bolaris just doesn’t understand that a last place team isn’t going to give away prospects at this juncture. Boston is 12 games out of first place, with little to no chance of making a run, much like the Phillies. What a stooge. What a maroon.

  4. Question is who’s the biggest loser in all of this

    A. for reporting this as a story
    B. Bolaris for being a tool who popped his pants
    C. Me for commenting
    D. Bob’s mom for having Bob

  5. I sure hope he goes to the yankees! Not only am i a huge yanks fan, but i’d love cole to yank me!

  6. I know a guy at the liquor store who told me his cousin knows a guy who knows a MLB scout. He said the Red Sox are definitely getting Cole.

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