Free Agency Tracker: Eagles Bringing Back PR Guy Bob Lange, Who Helped Separate Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh

The Eagles haven’t done a damn thing in free agency, but they did make an addition on Tuesday.

According to Howard “The King” Eskin, a former PR guy is returning to the franchise.

He’s not just any PR guy, however. This is Bob Lange, who worked for the Eagles back in the day and was with the 49ers when Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh had that altercation back in 2011. Lange JUMPED INTO THE FRAY to help defuse the situation:

Lange is the guy with the black suit who is trying to shepherd Harbaugh off the field and into the locker room. He also gives right tackle Anthony Davis (#76) one of those “stay out of this” shoves in order to keep his guys in line. This earned him the nickname “Clubber,” according to Howard and various scribes.

Here’s a good photo making the rounds on Twitter. It’s got the New York Times watermark, but not sure who the photographer is that shot this gem:

Anyway, big signing for the Eagles! Welcome back Bob Lange. We like a PR guy who isn’t afraid to roll his sleeves up and get in there to defend his guys. If he can tackle, maybe he starts next to Alex Singleton.