Coppin State Forgot to Bring Their Uniforms to Drexel Game

via Twitter (Kevin Sweeney)

College basketball on a Tuesday night. Drexel hosting the 1-13 Coppin State Eagles.

The visiting team actually FORGOT to bring their jerseys, so they had to wear Drexel practice gear instead:

Man that’s pretty embarrassing. The poor equipment manager. Should his or her ass be fired? Or honest mistake?

You just feel bad for everybody involved with that program. They lost to Drexel while wearing Drexel pinnies, which dropped them to 1-14 on the year. And for some reason they have played THIRTEEN ROAD GAMES and only two home games. To add to the misery, they were 9-13 last year, 11-20 the year prior, and 8-25 before that. The last winning season for the Eagles was in 2010-2011, when they went 16-14. Brutal.


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