Chickie’s & Pete’s is Paying your Shore Toll on Friday

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Good news! You won’t have to pay the toll at the Egg Harbor Plaza on Friday. Bad news: it’s only from 5pm-6pm, so if you time it just right and leave your house at 2:30pm you should be able to get through in time.

Per Maggie Mancini at PhillyVoice:

After a two-year hiatus, Chickie’s & Pete’s will again pay the tolls of all drivers who pass through the eastbound Egg Harbor Toll Plaza exit on the Atlantic City Expressway from 5-6 p.m. Friday. 

There is not much worse in this world than shore traffic on a big holiday weekend. Getting through that little pocket between the end of the Ben Franklin Bridge and the start of the AC Expressway is the Eighth Level of Hell. I feel like they’ve been doing construction on that strip since I was heading down for Senior Week in 2011.

You want to know a good way to test your relationship? If you’re thinking about taking the next step with your girlfriend or boyfriend drive down to the shore together on MDW or 4th of July. The constant starting and stopping and topping out at 25mph for 70 miles has broken stronger men. Not to mention the things you will learn about someone when you’re forced to sit alone with them for three hours. What’s on her Spotify playlist? Does it suck? Maybe you throw on a Joe Rogan podcast and she doesn’t like that. What kind of snacks did each of you pack? Have you ever found out the person you share a bed with likes Cow Tales? It’ll ruin your entire day.

That’s why I’m a 55 South guy all day. Jump on there and ride it to 49, stay on 47, or take the back roads. Yea I might get backed up in Millville or near the Maurice River Diner or maybe even on Steelmantown Road in the boonies for a little. So what? I’m still cruising at 55mph most of the trip and it only adds like 15 minutes on. I have plenty of Wawas along my journey too. It’s better than having to fight some woman from Ridley for the last bag of Bugles at Frank S. Farley Plaza, I’ll tell you that.

Shout out to Chickies & Pete’s. Great management. Pussy dishwashers: