Derrick Gunn Addresses His Jalen Hurts 7v7 Comments

via @JakibSports on Twitter

Honestly, JAKIB Media should cut a check to Kevin and I for all the free advertisement we’ve given Sports Take today. Here’s Gunner calling Twitter Satan and addressing his Jalen Hurts 7v7 note from Friday’s episode:

It’s funny when Rob Ellis says, “sometimes people take a quote that they see rather than listening to the entire soundbite,” when their own account tweeted half of Gunner’s quote (Kinkead: and I think was the genesis for this whole thing picking up steam) –

You expect people to dive deeper looking for context in 2022? Good one.

Good for D Gunn sticking to his (no pun intended) guns. A couple of things:

  • D Gunn is citing a source. He wasn’t at this session.
  • Counterpoint: Everyone besides NBC Sports Philly knows Gunner is one of the best over the last 20+ years covering the Eagles. He has earned that trust from fans with every report or insight he offers.
  • Counterpoint to the counterpoint: It’s summer practice. Jalen Hurts could’ve been taking more risks during the drills. Not to mention he didn’t have the majority of starters around him.
  • Counterpoint to the counterpoint’s counterpoint: Jalen Hurts didn’t impress a lot of people last season. He has one year to win the job. Eagles fans want to know if he can take that next step or not so every report about his development will be scrutinized.

Finally, it was funny he called out click bait reporters in the media when another JAKIB host, Dan Sileo, throws shit at the wall from his tiny phone more than anyone:

5 months later: