Tobias Harris Helps Sixers Fans with Gender Reveal

via @buddah_chris

Tobias Harris helped this family with their gender reveal at the Narberth courts on Wednesday afternoon:

via @buddha_chris

All I can think about is putting in my two weeks with Crossing Broad and inventing a service like Cameo, except with gender reveals. Do you want an athlete or celebrity to be a part of your gender reveal on a basketball court in Narberth? Book them on Gender Vendor (it’s a working title). We’re in the discovery phase.

Listen, gender reveals have jumped the shark. There aren’t many I watch and think to myself I’d like to watch that again. Gender reveal fails on the other hand? Those are another thing. Give me all of them:

The market for celebrity gender reveals hasn’t even scratched the surface yet. Do you want a Cameo from the fourth lead of a sitcom you watched as a child, OR do you want them to participate in your gender reveal while everyone who watches realizes they’re still alive? All Ralph Macchio needs is to be a part of one viral gender reveal fail where he misses on a crane kick and Hollywood is knocking down his door again. I gotta trademark this.

P.S. You think the dad deleted all his anti-Tobias tweets before he reached out for his help? Had to right? I can’t even blame him. Every Sixers fan has had a toxic relationship with Tobi at one point.