Sixers owner Josh Harris completed his purchase of the Washington Communists on Thursday, then called some shitty radio show that was holding a party to celebrate Dan Snyder’s exit:

Josh Harris buying a thousand beers is like you and I throwing a couple of pennies into the wishing well at the Deptford Mall. Chump change. It’s like emptying the lint from your pockets and finding a nickel in there. Cool gesture, though. Dan Snyder would never.

I do love how the other host kept calling Josh Harris “sir.” What a kiss ass. Never call some rich guy “sir” or “Mr.” unless you sign up willingly to be some sycophantic Commie employee. As far as I know, nobody at HBSE calls him “Mr. Harris” or anything like that, but we’ll have to check with sources.

But yeah, obviously these Washington dopes are excited, so it is what it is. Dan Snyder did indeed run an atrocious organization. Imagine having 20+ years of that guy as your owner, and you win absolutely nothing in the process. You have to feel good for Warshington fans who have suffered for so long, though the flipside is that it’s a bad week for the Eagles, because now maybe Washington will start to put a real product on the field. They will no longer be the laughing stock of the NFC. They will no longer be 100% ass.