AJ Brown changed his profile picture to Tom Brady and as is the case when AJ Brown does anything on social media the sports world loses it’s collective mind:

This is so sad that a grown man has to explain why he changed his profile pic to another grown man online, but that’s society nowadays. This tweet will be studied hundreds of years from now when scientists try to collect data on how we operated day by day as a civilization. But for now while we’re in the present changing your profile pic, deleting your current team off your social media, and following certain people is a legit cause for concern nowadays. It used to be sit-ups in the driveway now it’s deleting any evidence of the team in your profile. We’ve seen enough examples. It’s the AIM away message of the 2020s.

Remember how devastated you were when that girl you had a crush on put some guy’s initials in her profile or on her away message? It ruined your entire week. Then one day you go to check her profile for the hundredth time and his initials were gone followed by something emo like this:

That’s the feeling I get whenever AJ Brown is tweeting about the eclipse or Ethiopian calendars and not fooling around and deleting social media.

Is it sad? Hell yea it’s sad. Is someone going to make a big deal about this? You bet. But I’d argue this a nothing burger. I thought the Patriots doc was awesome and I’m not even a Pats fan. If I got to relive my six Super Bowls I’d change my profile pic to Tom Brady too. It’s not like he threw Michael Irvin up there. Lets all relax.

P.S. It feels like 1500 yards and a 1st team All Pro season if we’re being honest: