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Howard Eskin Placed New Jersey’s First Esports Bet

Kevin Kinkead - November 8, 2019

The King.

Howard Eskin, who did not purchase his own Super Bowl ring, has been breaking down barriers and setting trends for years now. He’s never had a bad day in his life.

You can add another item to Howard’s distinguished resume. He is now the first person to place a bet on Esports in the great state of New Jersey, which Kyle mentioned Thursday morning.

Howard then went on Joe Giglio’s show later in the day to elaborate:

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Bud Light Bringing “Payload Truck” to Wells Fargo Center This Weekend

Kevin Kinkead - September 26, 2019

Dilly Dilly.

The sold out Overwatch League Grand Final is taking place at the Wells Fargo Center on Sunday and Bud Light is getting in on that action.

They are bringing a payload truck to Lot A, and it’s full of beer. But you can’t get the beer until fans show up to move the truck to Lot G.

Allow me to explain:

  1. in Overwatch, one of the game modes is called “escort”
  2. the attacking team has to move a “payload” from start to finish on a defined path
  3. the defending team has to prevent the “payload” from getting to the finish line
  4. the payload moves only if you have a numerical advantage around it

Make sense, right? The truck moves if you kill a bunch of enemies, or it stops if they kill you. So you gotta light up those bastards, then crowd around the truck and watch it roll.

More Bud Light info via press release:

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Ground is Officially Broken on the New $50 Million Dollar Fusion Arena

Kevin Kinkead - September 25, 2019

This may be the biggest day of all time for the Crossing Broad commenter known as “ESPORTS ARE THE FUTURE.”

He was right, you know?

He told us that eSports were the future, and today Comcast-Spectacor and The Cordish Companies broke ground on the new Fusion Arena at South Philly’s sports complex with the mayor and other dignitaries on hand.

The $50 million dollar arena is being built next to Xfinity Live and will stand as the “largest new-construction, purpose-built esports arena in the Western Hemisphere,” according to the press release. The venue, which is set to open in 2021, will additionally host live entertainment of other sorts, though the primary tenant is your town, your team, your Philadelphia Fusion.

More from the release, plus photos, after the jump off:

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The Fortnite World Champion, Who is From Pottsgrove, Was “Swatted”

Kevin Kinkead - August 13, 2019

So I had to read this story twice to understand exactly what the hell happened.

Apparently the 16-year-old kid who won $3 million by becoming the Fortnite World Cup champion is from Pottsgrove, so he’s one of us. He’s a Philly suburbs guy. I had no clue.

Now that he’s world-famous as an eSports TITAN, Kyle Giersdorf has a bunch of assholes on his trail, and one of those people called the police in a false alarm situation known as “swatting.”

ESPN explains after the jump:

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The Overwatch League Grand Finals Will Be Preceded by an Outdoor Concert at the Wells Fargo Center

Kevin Kinkead - July 25, 2019

In case you were not aware, the Overwatch League Grand Finals will be played in Philadelphia on Sunday, September 29th. God willing, our guys, the Philadelphia Fusion, will win the title on home soil, then we’ll parade down Broad Street as Carpe crushes beers on the double decker bus.

Another cool thing about that weekend is that Comcast Spectacor is hosting a huge outdoor party at the Wells Fargo Center, with a Saturday concert headlined by world famous DJ Martin Garrix. You’re probably familiar with his “Summer Days” song, featuring Macklemore and the dude from Fall Out Boy, which has 20 million Youtube views.

Interestingly enough, this is the first outdoor concert the Wells Fargo Center has hosted in 22 years. The only other outdoor jawn to take place at the venue was back in 1997, when Metallica played the parking lot of what was then called the CoreStates Center.

The entire gig exists online, so enjoy after the jump:

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97.5 the Fanatic Wants to Know if You Enjoy eSports

Kevin Kinkead - September 21, 2018

Are eSports the future?

That one guy in the comments section seems to think so, but 97.5 the Fanatic isn’t so sure.

Philadelphia’s first FM sports station is putting out feelers to see if any of their listeners care about video gaming. They sent out this message to people on their email list, seeking feedback:

Mike didn’t write that, of course. Some producer or creative services or sales person did.

But I find the email very interesting because I am almost one million percent certain that the 97.5 listener base does not care about eSports. I don’t think Bernie from Broomall or Jose from Norristown or that Bob guy from Tennessee with the great accent know a single thing about video games, nor would they have any interest in listening to eSports programming or podcasts.

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