Parts 2 and 3 of Hunter Pence and Sheena Parveen’s Lunch (Date)

Screen Shot 2012-02-22 at 7.09.56 PM

In what world was this a good idea?! Like, how did that production meeting go? 
“Hey, I know… instead of sports, let’s just send the pretty new weather girl on a date with the single outfielder!"

“Brilliant! And if it doesn’t work out, we’ll have John Clark go with her so he can pick up the scraps! I like it.”

John Clark! JOHN CLARK! THAT’S who they sent with Sheena Parveen to Clearwater?! Have you ever seen John Clark's game? I have. It consists of picking up Jeff Carter’s leftovers at Braca’s in Sea Isle. Seriously. There are pilot fish with more shame than John Clark. So that’s not good. And then there’s that whole, you know, sending the pretty weather girl out to lunch with Hunter Pence thing. That thing. There’s no way this ends well.

Plus, what is it? Is it sports? Is it weather? I don’t even think Sheena knows. Listen as she weaves in and out and back again when she wraps the piece er, segment. Bumblebees would be envious of this sort of unpredictability. Poor Sheena.


Hop it for part 3 of the lunch date (mostly a mix of parts 1 and 2). Part 1 here. And next week on NBC, Jillian Mele gets a Brazilian with Max Talbot! Won't want to miss that.

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  1. Boy, NBC10 sure did serve that one right up to Hunter, huh? Doesn’t get much easier than that…I’m just surprised they didn’t make her wear a bikini!

  2. no doubt Hunter had sexual intercourse with her

  3. Kate Bilo would never stoop to this level
    Beez Nutz

  4. This is awesome. He’s got so much swag

  5. Is it just me or does Thome remind you of Mr. Incredible?

  6. He got “go hard” in there several times. Well done.

  7. Soooo David Murphy, John Clark & Marshall Harris walk into a bar…………..

  8. Haha pretty spot on with John Clark’s game. I’ve seen him in Avalon (Princeton), Sea Isle (OD), Philly (Public House). Guy always has some womanly drink in his hand and a dumb smirk on his face.

  9. She is damn fine.

  10. I dont see what everyone sees in her…in the main pic at least she does not look good at all…

  11. John Clark is always on the prawl.

  12. @mac.. go hard.. nice subliminal msgs i’d have to agree

  13. @chirp – Boobs – A, eyes – A, hair – A, mouth – A, ability to speak without sounding like a total dolt – A. Thats generally enough in the real world to be considered hot.

  14. Ass looked a little flat in that clip yesterday so she gets a B on that.

  15. Barry Melrose's Hair

    February 23, 2012 at 10:11 am

    @chirp, first time we ever agreed. This chicky is not hot.

  16. And it begins with McCarthy “Here comes Hunter Pence, He’s going to score!” Why yes Tom, yes he probably will.

  17. Iron Balls McGinty

    February 23, 2012 at 10:25 am

    Scott Palmer should have never let Hunter do this interview. It’s a disgrace that ch 10 is pimping this wh0re out. Pence should be more worried about clutch hitting then chasing tail 24/7. SMH

  18. @Jonny: LOL. That’s priceless. Man, the clip engineers had some fun with that one…

  19. Go hard, hard to swallow, etc. etc. Calling Dr. Freud!

  20. She’s a solid 6

  21. Hunter is better off with 1 of those clearwater hooters waitresses

  22. John Clark is always in Manayunk creeping on fresh 21 year old meat. Never seen him pull any ass though

  23. Yeah TCR she’s a 6 on the Clydesdale Scale. As that is how many would be required to pull her off my face.

  24. Wow. What a cahhhhrayyyyyzy interview date. That was so outta hand, what with the off the wall questions about living in Philly and relating to the fan base and all.
    What a frickin’ disaster. Imagine conducting an segment with a nice looking weather girl and a baseball player at an outdoor grill patio..who are the production wizards who came up with such a ridiculous concept?

  25. John Clark showed up at my house in Manayunk with the pizza delivery guy at 3am to try and scoop up some after bar drunk chicks. He seemed a little sad when we had to ask him who he was.

  26. shut up pat johns rad

  27. I miss Jade McCaffey

  28. What kinda name is Sheena Parveen though?

  29. @mac Sorry man none of those are A’s in my book. Shes not that good looking.
    I guess when your used to doing ugly chicks she is a step up though?

  30. I am used to doing ugly chicks. She’s still an 8. Maybe an 8.5 if I can get confirmation from Hunter that “it” doesn’t smell like curry.

  31. I’ll take it a step further. She’s better looking than CB favorite Julie Dorenbos. (ducks to avoid flying beer bottles)

  32. “Let’s Get Some” is an appropriate slogan that Hunter chose this year.

  33. Her pussy has to smell if she’s a Indian

  34. @mac nah man I love the blondes…this chick is a 6 on a good day…

  35. Chirp will fuck anybody

  36. I am loving the Carter and Richards thing….Bromance back together in LA….Do you think LA likes our leftovers? John Stephens on coaching staff loved these two guys and I am sure he had pull in pushing for Jeff and Richie to reunite. Then we have Gagne and Lupel (who I think matured) and what do you have? Our old Phantom team…I just have one question? What the heck was LA thinking or where they thinking? The best would be if they made a trade and let Richie go….how would Jeff take that tease….

  37. @tj no the pussy only smells if they r white black or Latino girls cuz those sluts fuck everyone. Rampant dirty diseased trash.

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