Today Is The Last Day To Register Online For Illinois Sports Betting

Last Day To Register For Illinois Online Sports Betting

The Illinois legal online sports betting market is finally starting to flourish as sports make their return, but things are about to get complicated. Due to language in Illinois online sports betting regulations, today (July 26) is the last day that bettors who want to register for a mobile sportsbook app can do so online. Well, at least for the next 18 months.

That means if you want to register for sports betting in Illinois without physically walking into a casino, you need to do it today. There are two online registration options that bettors can take advantage of by 11:59 tonight.

You will be able to play BetRivers, which offers bettors a $250 first deposit match, is the only sports app live in Illinois. You can register right here .




Meanwhile, DraftKings Sportsbook may also be launching in Illinois soon, but this unexpected change in regulation throws some doubt on that.

However, you can pre-register for DraftKings at Casino Queen Sportsbook in Illinois right now here . It’s unclear if they will still launch in the coming weeks, but this is your only chance to register if they do.

DraftKings Sportsbook

Now available for pre-launch signup



It Looks Like Today Is The Last Day To Register For Online Sports Betting In Illinois

Initially, Illinois sports betting law required that bettors sign up for online sportsbooks at physical retail locations. However, Governor J.B. Pritzker issued a temporary suspsension of the in-person requirement when he signed Executive Order 2020-41 last month.

This order was signed in order to promote social distancing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and it, in short, paved the way for online registrations.

However, sources have confirmed to us that this order is set to expire just before midnight tonight. This means that come tomorrow, the only way to register for BetRivers Illinois is by walking into RiversCasino in Des Plaines.

It also means that the only way to register for DraftKings at Casino Queen Sportsbook – if they still launch – is by physically walking into Casino Queen in East St. Louis to sign up.

So, if you were planning to wait to sign up for BetRivers online, our suggestion is that you don’t. Skip the trip and get it here .

Meanwhile, DraftKings is currently taking preregistrations, so you can bypass the in-person sign up hassle by clicking right here .

In both cases, once you have signed up, you should have full accessibility of both apps without needing to take further action.

While we have confirmed the online registration process is expected to end tonight, there have been several twists and turns in the Illinois online sports betting story since its launch back in March. This is to say that while we currently believe this could be the last time for the next 18 months that you can register online, it remains possible that things could change moving forward.


Illinois Online Sports Betting Update

The story of sports betting in Illinois has been a wild one. After launching just prior to the schedule 2020 March Madness, physical sportsbooks were forced to close. With sportsbooks, casinos, and several prominent sports leagues all shuttered, Illinois online sports betting came to a screeching halt for nearly three months.

However, after the IGB granted Rivers Casino to begin its online operations back in June, it launched the BetRivers app. BetRivers remains the only available app for sports bettors.

However, DraftKings Sportsbook, thanks to a partnership with Casino Queen, is set to launch DraftKings at Casino Queen Sportsbook in the coming days. Again, though, if you want to bet with the DraftKings app at launch, you will need to register today.

Beat the clock and register for BetRivers right here .

Pre-register with DraftKings Sportsbook Illinois right here .

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