Louis Riddick Pragmatically Dismantles the “Revisionist History” of the Nick Foles/Carson Wentz Debate

Let’s get it back to what really matters –

Talking about Carson Wentz and Nick Foles.

It’s been two years since the latter played in Philadelphia but Brett Favre just had to go and stir up some shit this week when he went on ESPN and said he felt like the Eagles should have kept Nick instead of Carson. That devolved into a nonsensical Wednesday press conference and now we’ve got Louis Riddick calling out the ridiculousness for what it is:

“All this is right now is revisionist history, because it’s easy right now to pile on Carson. Everyone knows Carson needs to play better. Everyone knows the hero ball stuff has to stop. Everyone knows that.”

Thank you.

Say it louder for everybody in the back, Lou Riddick. Run to the top of the Art Museum steps and shout it out for all of Philadelphia to to hear. Put it on a charcuterie board next to the Gabagool and pass it around Tony Soprano’s living room. Hijack the local broadcasting systems and play it on a 24/7 loop.

Carson Wentz stinks right now. Nick Foles ain’t exactly lighting the world on fire, either. We can talk about the current QB without always having to bring up the former QB.

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