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From Doc, who may seriously be very drunk right now [compiled from a series of Tweets, with mild edits for readability]:

I struggle writing this due to the privacy of a man of integrity and the definition of a baseball player. In the video room in the stadium you will find a row of heart and hustle trophies with Chase’s name. Not because somebody chose to display them but rather a junk drawer of sorts for a man who although appreciates the honor and plays the game for all the right reasons! Not to be seen or heard or for attention. No look at me see how or any of the me-first mentality taking over all parts of baseball, sports, etc. One of my greatest honors was putting my heart and hustle trophy alongside the definition of the award. There must be one on every team. I’ve seen two in my life: Scott Rolen, and most of all, Chase Utley! The award has lost meaning. It’s normally given to the guy having the best year. But if you could somehow measure that in a man, Chase is run away from the pack! What’s really sad is some are busy patting themselves on the back and missing what a true baseball player is! I kid you not when he talked to me on the field I got goosebumps every time! Please encourage your friends, family, most of all your kids to be like chase! #26&chooch!

I have no words. Only tears.

UPDATE: As reader John points out, it’s entirely possible Roy Halladay misread the Chase Headley trade, which would make this all the more adorable:

UPDATE 2: It was in response to Chase winning his fifth Phillies Heart and Hustle Award.



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Les Bowen read something he didn’t like on the interwebs today. Again. As per the usual, angry beat writer fights modern web practices stories are best told via embeddable widget. To the Storify machine!

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Who Passed It Better: Lee or Papelbon?

[Gotta hit the audio button in the corner.]

Strong efforts from both Cliff Lee and Jonathan Papelbon, but I think I got to go with Lee. I don’t know. I feel like his had a nice mix of moisture and depth that is difficult to produce, especially on-command. There’s no doubt that he was aided by the CSN microphone, which has a wider audio spectrum (deeper deeps and wetter wets) than the undisclosed reporter’s recorder on which Papelbon’s expulsion was captured, but Lee’s just had more force. It was perhaps a shart. Papelbon’s sounded like a cardboard box being ripped and lacked bass in the same way the stereo system in your mom’s car lacks bass, because she “just wanted it to sound loud.” You don’t need to be an audiophile to shake your damn head at that approach.

What says you?

Lee Papelbon fart
Who passed it better?


Your 2014 Philadelphia Phillies!


Cliff Lee’s No-Trade List is Revealed, But It Really Doesn’t Mean Much

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Scouts watching Lee last night, via (@M_Coca_COLA)

Jerry Crasnick, writing for, reports on the nine teams Cliff Lee can be traded to without his consent:

Lee’s deal also includes a limited no-trade clause that allows him to block trades to 20 teams. According to a baseball source, Lee has listed Atlanta, Cleveland, Houston, Miami, Minnesota, the New York Mets, San Diego, Tampa Bay and Washington as the nine teams he can be traded to without his consent.

Against that backdrop, the Tigers, Pirates, Orioles, Mariners, Angels, Royals, Blue Jays and Giants — contenders all — were among a dozen teams that had scouts at Monday’s game. No one can say for sure who was on hand to expressly scout Lee, in part because the Phillies have so many other tradable commodities on their roster.

Good reporting there. These lists often aren’t ever made public. But, it doesn’t mean much. Typically when players have a limited no-trade clause and are able to select teams to which they’d accept a trade, they choose small market franchises and division rivals. Why? Because the small market teams can’t afford them and there’s little chance a franchise would want to see a traded star a dozen times per season. So, with the exception of Cleveland, Lee’s former team, this list basically represents the teams Lee would never get dealt to. But that doesn’t mean Lee couldn’t or wouldn’t waive his NTC to go the Yankees, Giants, Orioles, Angels or whomever else. Listing unlikely suitors just means that he’ll get to have a say in all al this. Hashtag themoreyouknow.


Last Night, Cliff Lee Became the Second Phillie to Fart at Reporters This Season

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Pretty sure Cliff Lee and Jonathan Papelbon have launched an all-out bodily gas war against the Philly media. It’s the most fight the team has shown this season.

On the heels of Papelbon’s leg-lifting, mid-interview flatulence after a 1-0 win against the Braves on April 17 – the same day that Lee belched at or just in the general direction of reporters – Lee last night let out an audible post-interview stink, “of which he seemed quite proud.”

Before letting it rip, Lee looked around somewhat mischievously, perhaps searching for his 1706 Rittenhouse buddy Papelbon. A slight grin formed on Lee’s lips after the gas had passed.

Funny, but actually pretty dickish. One in-person witness to Papelbon’s April 17 gas remarked to me that “there are a lot of good guys in that clubhouse, but [Lee and Papelbon] aren’t two of them.” That makes me sad.

The Phillies lost 7-4, and Lee looked like a pitcher who hadn’t pitched in two months.

Video after the jump, via the CSN blogger who once boasted that he likes to avoid this sort of lowbrow humor and prefers to write for “smart” fans that he’d “want to talk Phillies with.” – fart noise – Continue reading


This List of Transactions Sent Out By the Phillies Might Be the Saddest Thing Ever

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Marshall Harris tweeted an image (I don’t get why more media people don’t just do this) of the release sent out by the Phillies regarding the six transactions they made today. With the exception of Cliff Lee, who is ostensibly being activated just so he can audition for other teams, this has to be the saddest list of moves you will ever see. Brignac and Nieves are back! Tony Gwynn Jr., Cesar Hernandez and Koyie Hill (I literally have no idea who this is) are gone!  Well, that should turn things around.


I Really Doubt the NBA Will Be Able to Create a Compelling Mid-Season Tournament

Photo credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Another one of Adam Silver’s ideas is to hold a mid-season NBA tournament, which would generate interest in what would otherwise be mundane mid-season matchups, give teams a chance to compete for more than just one title, and, most importantly, make money.

The concept is laid out in this article:

“The competition committee talked about and seemed excited about potentially [running] some sort of midseason tournament,” Silver said this week. “[We are in the] very early days in the discussion of that, but we’re looking at other opportunities in the league to create excitement. As one of our general managers said at the meeting, there’s very few things that you can win in the NBA. When you think about European soccer, for example, they have the FA Cup and they have other tournaments throughout the season.”

Matt Yoder of Awful Announcing presented his thoughts on how this could be structured:

The format could take a number of different avenues. The league would need to figure out format, location, time, schedule, television partners, and a number of other factors.

But ingenuity and innovation isn’t supposed to be easy.

Why not allow the NBDL Finalists to take part for a 32 team tournament? Not only would this clean up the format, it would also provide a fantastic opportunity for some of the charm of the cup tournament that truly makes it special in the soccer world. Additionally, it would be great publicity for the NBA’s developmental league.

Could an NBA knockout tournament be a television success? Absolutely! Turner Sports has plenty of experience televising the NCAA Tournament and the NBA could theoretically follow the exact same format if it played out in home arenas across the country. You could have Raptors-Knicks playing at Noon in Madison Square Garden at the same time Celtics-Grizzlies was tipping off in Boston. If the tournament took place at one site in Las Vegas, the entire tournament could easily be played over the course of two weeks.

I love the general idea, but the concept may be flawed from the outset. Several reasons:

1) The FA Cup in England works because it’s not just teams from the Premier League playing for yet another Premier League-sponsored title. It’s teams from the Premier League and other leagues from around England competing for a separate title. Sure, usually the best teams from the Premier League will win, but lesser teams are given a chance on the big stage, and the format is different enough to make winning it actually mean something. If the NBA holds a mid-season tournament with just the top 4-6 teams in the league, as described in the article, then essentially they’d just be holding substantially less meaningful version of the NBA Playoffs. No one will care. You’d want this mid-season tournament to give lesser teams a chance to win something, or at least compete.

Yoder proposes including D-league teams. I think that’s a great start, but why stop there? For something like this to really work, you’d need to include “basketball teams” from all over the place. Who hasn’t wondered if the best college teams could beat the worst NBA teams? The NCAA is a business, and its players may soon be compensated, so why not open the tournament up to the AP top 5 in the NCAA? It was mentioned that the tournament could include games played in Mexico and London, so why not give international teams a shot? It sounds crazy, but the reason things like the FA Cup work is because they are tournaments with teams from many levels and leagues. The NBA holding yet another competition to find out the best team in its league is redundant and stupid. Which brings us to point number two.

*As noted by Yoder, high-level English soccer teams may have three or more things going on at once: the Premier League (the main domestic league), the FA Cup (a cup competition between Premier League teams and teams from lesser leagues), and the Champions League (a season-long league with the best from around Europe– arguably the most important league) or Europa League (teams that couldn’t get into the Champions League). Continue reading

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The Women of Preston and Steve’s #SelfieMonday

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Each Monday, dozens of men and women, but mostly women, from around the Tri-State Area send Preston and Steve their #selfiemonday selfies. The show’s Twitter account (@PrestonSteve933) does an admirable job of flooding Philly Twitter with the best, but why waste your time weeding through all the other nonsense? We decided to make it easy to find the potentially-sexually-frustrated few likely to get the coveted P&S RT. Duck-face, dogs and cleavage abound, after the jump.

[I hate myself a little for this, but I do thank you for your page views.] Continue reading

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