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The Phillies Explain the Modern Marvel That Is Metal Detection



The Phillies, your old grandpa who is just amazed at how they can fit that many photos into something smaller than a deck of cards, explained to a gaggle of captive and weirdly spellbound reporters yesterday or today (doesn’t matter) how the new metal detectors at CBP will, well, detect metal!

A spokesperson, speaking:

“Our practices before this were a full pat-down, where we had to check your pockets, jackets, pants, all the way down to your ankles. That was a five- or six-second process. This process, provided there’s no metal on your person, is a one-second process.

So if you go through a metal detector and it beeps and the alarm goes off, then there is a secondary screening with a hand wand on where the abnormality took place on the metal detector, where the fan may have some type of dense metal on their person. We want our fans to allow for a little bit of extra time, we’re not experts on metal detection just yet but what we hope is that throughout the 2015 season, if we educate our fans as much as possible and we train our staff properly, that in the future, delays will be minimal.

Metal detection technology is very quick… provided you don’t have any metal on you.”

Fascinating. Tell me more!

But for real, metal detection is very quick provided you don’t have any metal on you… or a belt… or a button… or jewelry… or braces… or a fake hip… or a watch… or if you’re not made of tin, lack a heart, and have two friends in search of a brain and courage, respectively. Of course, if you’re that last one, you might want to worry more about the green woman following you around on a broomstick than your queue time at baseball games.


RADIO WARS: Anthony Gargano Surprises Everyone by Opening Mike Missanelli’s Show Today

Voila_Capture 2015-04-01_02-13-02_PM

pic via Gargano’s Twitter

Shut it down, April Fool’s. SHUT. IT. DOWN. 97.5 wins: Anthony Gargano opened Mike Missanelli’s show today with nary – NARY – a mention of how out-of-left field this was. Here’s the audio:

Audio 97.5 The Fanatic, Greater Media

Twitter is trying to comprehend the mind-fuck:

Voila_Capture 2015-04-01_02-07-30_PM

Today, I believe, is the day Gargano’s 90-day non-compete clause with WIP is up. I have no idea if there will be some sort of announcement coming , but I’d expect that to be the case. Gargano finished a 12-minute opening rant and simply told Jason Myrtetus, “Goodbye.” Stay tuned. THE MAESTRO HAS NO IDEA WHAT TO DO RIGHT NOW. NO IDEA!

UPDATE: Mike came back after the break – with his intro music – and again nary – NARY – a mention of Gargano– merely a couple of lines about how he didn’t feel like himself today. The maestro’s sources went radio silent on this one. These notes were just not on the sheet! MAESTRO FLAILING, MAESTRO FLAILING! WHO PUT TOGETHER THIS ARRANGEMENT?!

Voila_Capture 2015-04-01_02-27-15_PM


UPDATE 2: I get the sense 97.5 is going to announce Gargano as a morning host some time during the drive-time hour today.

UPDATE 3: Guessed wrong. They have the maestro totally out of rhythm with this.


Cord Snipped: Mark Cuban Nails It on Cord Cutting, ESPN Seeing Success with Snapchat

Voila_Capture 2015-04-01_12-44-20_PM


Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban was on CNBC this morning discussing a whole bunch of things, including cord cutting:

“Money is always made in content by aggregating and disaggregating, and people are trying to disaggregate right now to see if there’s money there. But at some point, someone’s gonna walk in an say I’m gonna aggregate HBO Now, I’m gonna aggregate Sling, I’m gonna aggregate CBS, I’m gonna aggregate whoever else is streaming. They’re gonna come to CNBC and say, look, I’ve got this $99 package where we take the work out of you picking who to stream. And now, all of a sudden, AT&T or whoever comes back and say, well they’re selling it for $99 to get all the channels… we’ll sell you 200 channels for $89.”

I almost tore my rotator cuff cheering him on with that, because it made me feel smart. I’ve said almost the exact same thing about bundling streaming services many times.

Since it’s kind of our lane around here to post about cord cutting and sports streaming and such, people email me and ask if they think they should save money and cut the cord. But it’s not going to be about saving money. Broadband providers will charge more for the more capable broadband tiers that will be needed to handle all the streaming (one reason why the Comcast-Time Warner deal getting approved would hurt competition and ergo your wallet). And that’s before someone comes in and bundles everything together and what you’re left with in 5-10 years is something that looks exactly like your current cable package, only with content that’s available online, on all your devices, and by that point probably embedded into your skin via the  Epidermis.



I’m guessing most of our readers – late 20s, early 30s – aren’t fully into the Snapchat thing, but it’s huge among basically everyone under 25, and what the company is doing with media right now is fascinating. From a Sports Business Journal piece about how ESPN is delivering highlights on Snapchat:

A Winter X Games post on Snapchat Stories logged close to 30 million views for ESPN, sources said. While Snapchat posts delete shortly after they are seen, posts on Snapchat Stories stay on the platform for at least 24 hours.

ESPN’s posts on Snapchat’s Discover platform generally are seen about 1 million times a day, sources said. In January, ESPN signed on as the exclusive sports service on Snapchat’s Discover platform, which also includes content from companies like CNN, Comedy Central, Food Network and Vice.

Snapchat, like Instagram and Vine, is built for mobile. Unlike YouTube or Facebook (and maybe a little bit, Twitter), they’re not legacy desktop platforms being converted to mobile. They’re mobile-first. There’s an entire generation of young people who not only will never watch traditional TV, but who also will never understand why we all used to “go online” by sitting at a desk and typing in a URL. Being built for mobile – and, sadly, portrait video – gives these platforms a huge leg up going forward. Next up: Periscope.


Yuengling Is Now the Largest Craft Brewer in America, Because the People Who Rank Such Things Lowered Their Standards

Voila_Capture 2015-04-01_09-52-54_AM

I’m sure there are a whole slew of beer geeks more knowledgable than me who would love to weigh in here (perhaps Joe Sixpack on the next Bar Talk podcast?), but here’s the news: Yuengling is now America’s largest craft brewer based on beer sales volume. It’s kind of a technically, however. From CNBC:

Yuengling with its more than 2.7 million barrels was previously not considered “craft” by the Brewers Association because of its use of adjuncts like corn and rice in the brewing process.

In early 2014, the Brewers Association said it would change its definition and remove that restriction, paving the way for brewers like Yuengling, August Schell Brewing, Minhas Craft Brewery and others to now fall under the craft banner.

That sound you hear is beer people grumbling, probably.

I don’t think of Yuengling as a craft beer, and I’m guessing most of you don’t either, but I do think it gets a bad rap around here. It’s an easy go-to, and if you’re lucky enough to catch a fresh batch on tap at a game or elsewhere, you’ll find a tasty lager with a high ceiling. Their light beer, to me, is the most drinkable, palatable light beer out there.


UPDATE: Here Are the New Food and Concession Items at CBP

Voila_Capture 2015-04-01_09-04-07_AM

My South Philly Dog photo, 2010

The Phillies held their blog-less media event last night to show off new food at CBP. What’s on the menu? The full list is after the jump, but please let me call attention to the hot dog selections, because I think I need an adult:

  • Phillies Frank Topped Dogs (behind Section 134): The hot dog cart will feature a variety of topped dogs all season-long, rotating by homestand, including:
    • South Philly Dog: Back by popular demand, Phillies roasted red peppers, sharp provolone and broccoli rabe.
    • New England Dog: Boston baked beans, bacon crumbles and shredded cheddar cheese on a New England style bun.
    • Carnegie Dog: Pastrami, Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing.
    • Cuban Dog: Roasted pork, pickle chips, Swiss cheese.
  • Philly Cheese Steak Dog. Now at a new location in Section 122. Phillies Frank topped with Philadelphia cheese steak, melted cheese, served ‘wit’ or ‘wit out’ onions.

That South Philly Dog needs its own PR campaign (perhaps it can take the place of the get-out-the-vote All-Star campaign the Phillies won’t have a use for this season?). But the others? HOT DAMN. Julio, get the stretch! These sound amazing. Me guesses they won’t be eligible for Dollar Dog Night, however.

[My original South Philly Dog review in 2010.]

UPDATE: I guess I have to weigh in on this dumb Triple Triple Wayback burger with nine patties and nine slices of cheese:

pic via Darren Rovell

pic via Darren Rovell

Stop it. This is Wayback’s dumb gimmick burger that nobody is going to eat and is being rolled out solely to garner publicity for Wayback at CBP. And it’s working. Look, I can do it too: Try out new DP Dog! We stuffed two foot-longs in the bun– one from the front, one from the back! So delicious and unhealthy, you’ll be walking funny for days! Try this exclusive, simple-minded gimmick! Derp.

The full list is after the jump. Continue reading


Um, so What Is This Sixers Blowup Franklin Spraying on Fans in the First Row?

Voila_Capture 2015-03-31_12-21-30_PM

Pretty much sums up this Sixers’ season for fans: taking it on the chin and liking it. Now someone get us a towel.

Vine after the jump. Continue reading


The Phillies Will Sell Liquor to Distraught Fans This Season

This used to be a ballpark... people came to. Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

This used to be a ballpark… people came to. Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


Michael Klein of reports that the Phillies will begin serving liquor and wine (don’t order wine at a baseball game, tool) at general concession stands this season:

But in a first this season, the Phillies and Aramark will sell cocktails and wine in the general concession areas at Citizens Bank Park. If you think that the idea of a “Phillies bar” is coming from somewhere out of left field – well, you’re correct. It will be located behind Section 142, expanding an existing beer bar. Wine and cocktails cannot be brought out to seats. The cocktail list has not been finalized.

Over-under on how long this lasts until horrific left field incident forces Phillies to backtrack: three weeks.

Liquor has always been available at the High & Inside Pub behind home in the second level (great underrated, temperature-controlled drinking spot that’s not too crowded except for during rain delays) and, as noted by Klein, non-Aramark restaurants, McFadden’s (which is its own planet), Harry The K’s, and premium seating areas. Now the mongrels in left will get their chance to spend $12 on a Bacardi and Sprite.

Klein, who says there will be a media event tonight to show off new foodstuffs*, also reports that Wayback Burgers will be available at various spots, and I can confirm that they are in fact awful cheeseburgers (if my experience at the one in Horsham is any indication). But the big kicker, and this is so money it doesn’t even know it, is that THE SOUTH PHILLY DOG will be getting a slight, call it, modification:

A South Philly Dog topped with roasted red peppers, sharp provolone and broccoli rabe will be sold at Section 134. (A previous South Philly Dog was offered with long hots rather than the peppers.)

Shut. It. Down. Most underrated food item as CBP, which, I think?, has come and gone from the menu over the last few years. Highly recommended.

*I know I take a lot of shots at the Phillies, but it baffles me how they don’t invite the city’s most-read sports blog, which focuses on exactly this sort of thing, or just blogs in general, to an event like this. It would be instant non-negative pub and maybe, just maybe, buy them some goodwill for like a week or something. PR 101. They do it so wrong it’s not even funny. All things and more young hearts and minds could learn as part of the CB Internship Program For Students Who Can’t Read Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too.


The Phillies’ Marketing Department, At It Again

Voila_Capture 2015-03-30_08-01-04_PM

The Phillies sent an email today promoting their Opening Week series against the Red Sox (for which tickets are dirt cheap at Crossing Broad Tickets). They misfired.

It wouldn’t be funny if they didn’t get everything wrong.

H/T to reader Jonathan and (@EStreetBlitz)

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