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The Flyers Have Called up THE GHOST

Pictured here: Sean Couturier and Shayne Gostisbehere discuss strategy. Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Couturier and Shayne Gostisbehere discuss strategy, Photo credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Just in time for Halloween!

From the Flyers:

The Philadelphia Flyers have recalled defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere from their AHL affiliate, the Lehigh Valley Phantoms, today.


Asked for comment, the Red Wings said: “We ain’t afraid of no Gostisbehere.” That remains to be seen… or does it?


Joshua Harris Is Going to Buy Crystal Palace of the English Premier League, According to Bloomberg

I would like to get… richer. More rich?

From Bloomberg:

Apollo Global Management LLC (APO) co-founder Josh Harris is close to an agreement to buy Crystal Palace, two people with direct knowledge of the talks said, a deal that would make him the fifth owner of both a major U.S. sports franchise and a team in soccer’s English Premier League.

The people requested anonymity because the contract isn’t complete.

This isn’t the first time Harris’ name has come up surrounding the purchase of an English Premier League team. In June, it was reported that he had interest in Aston Villa. That never happened. Here’s what I wrote then about the prospect of him owning a soccer team:

Harris and his companies have a history of buying up distressed properties and turning them around. He’s already probably more than doubled his investment in the Sixers (thanks to national TV revenue) and eventually the same will be able to be said for his investment in Devils. Aston Villa is a small-time English Premier League team, but, they still play in the Premier League (so long as they don’t get relegated) and with the wind at soccer’s back, the sport’s growing popularity in the US, and the potential for a MASSIVE broadcast rights deal when the league’s current three-year, $250 million deal with NBC is up in two years, there’s little doubt that owning a team is a money-making proposition. What’s more interesting, however, is that Harris has aggressively entered the sports market. He bought the Sixers in 2011, the Devils in 2013, and may buy Aston Villa in 2014. We’ve already seen what he can do with a multi-sport advertising partnership in just the US, now imagine the possibilities if his sports interests go international. And better yet, here’s a line I’d consider dropping if I were Harris, which I’m not, because I don’t floss with the finely woven hair of a beaver: Hey LeBron, so you want to be the first billionaire athlete? How about you come work for a billionaire who is reinventing franchise ownership as we know it? Maybe we can make you the central figure in the largest sports sponsorship deal of all-time. How’s that sound.

Replace Aston Villa with Crystal Palace (that’s what Harris did) and everything else stays the same. Just, um, never mind the LeBron thing. It was a long summer.


Bag of Hot Air Colin Cowherd Responds to Philly Blogs Calling Him a Bag of Hot Air

Colin Blowhard Cowherd was back on the radio today. [Why? I don't know. ESPN hates you.] He of course responded to the response over his report that Chip Kelly would take a phone call from Florida if Florida called him about a head coaching position. Here’s what Cowherd said today:

“I set off a big firestorm in Philadelphia as we predicted on this show… but I got enough contacts with the big power brokers in college football, the agents, Chip Kelly’s going to take a call from the Florida Gators.”

“And all the Philadelphia message board guys say Cowherd doesn’t know anything. Yeah but message board guy does. Look at all these guys– Cowherd, Cowherd, blog, blog, Cowherd says blog, blog, blog. The guy that owns this wears an Eagles jersey to work. Yeah, like that’s objective. So put down the cheesesteak for three minutes. They run out to Wawa to get another sandwich, OK? Settle down there, alright, Vinny? I got fairly good sources on this, OK?”

Few things:

1) What?

2) “Chip Kelly’s going to take a call from the Florida Gators.” No shit he is! He’s a lifelong football man and, out of respect for a storied program that he would’ve given his left big ball to get a call from just five years ago, of course he’s going to pick up the phone… and then he’s going to say “no thanks” and put it down. I’d pick up the phone if CSN called and asked me to be their first useful blogger… and then I’d say “no thanks” and put it down. I, too, am building a culture here, dammit. Picking up the phone is just  common courtesy.

But why, in the world, would Kelly, who is quickly ascending in the NFL coaching ranks – the highest set of such ranks in all the land – want to leave what he started to coach college kids in Gainesville? Florida probably wouldn’t be able to pay him as much, and he hates recruiting. College football nuts like Cowherd seem to forget that in the real world (and by that I mean the Union states), the NFL is at the top of the football food chain. Chip’s made it, and he’s doing well. Why would he take a step back? If Chip Kelly takes a job, or even seriously considers one, with Florida anytime in the next two years, I will eat my hat on a live web stream.

3) Jim: I like how he says he has “good sources” on it. How do you have good sources that Chip would probably answer a hypothetical phone call for a coaching position that isnt technically open? 

4) Nice cheesesteak crack, you weirdo. Glad Sal Pal was able to follow up (not featured in the audio) and joke that he was at Wawa with Vinny. Stop screaming at my TV, Sal!

H/T to (@yuschaip)


Creepy, Unfun Uncle Darren Rovell Calls out a Notre Dame Football Player for Going on a Date with Adult Film Star

"Does my head shot make my look like a jackass?"

“Does my head shot make me look like a jackass?”

Notre Dame freshman wide receiver Justin Brent went on a date (and then some) with 42-year-old adult film star (Easton, PA’s own!) Lisa Ann. It’s a little a lot weird, but athletes do these things, and by these things I meanthey have sex with a frequency and under circumstances that mere mortals can’t comprehend. And that’s what makes the following Tweet from walking-conflict-of-interest mouthpiece Darren Rovell just so strangely out of line:

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.06.53 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 2.07.05 PM

I’m not sure this even needs any further context, but we’ll let Darren’s Twitter followers take it home for you, after the jump: Continue reading


Take the Liberty Broadcast Challenge


New episodes of The Tony Bruno Show and BGN Radio are up today. They are, of course, available at, along with our most recent show– an interview with (@FanSince09) and Dave Warner of


Tony-Bruno1This week: Special guests include Charles Barkley, John Avello of the Wynn Las Vegas, Tony Luke Jr., and yours truly.



This week: The guys welcome Eagles tackle Beau Allen and Cardinals writer Kent Sommers, discuss national media pundits who have it all wrong, what it will take to beat the Cardinals, and more. Also, Week 8 fantasy show.




This week: An interview with (@FanSince09) and a cord-cutting discussion with Dave Warner of


Here’s the challenge: If you listen to sports talk radio at work, in the car, or on your headphones, pick one day (or one weekend), and listen to our selection of shows at To choose from, you have: Legend Tony Bruno unchained on The Tony Bruno Show… the smartest, most sane and interesting Eagles discussion anywhere on the Earth on BGN Radio… and the Crossing Broad director’s commentary and interviews with interesting people on our show, Crossing Streams. Listen to one of each, and if you’re not sold that podcasts are a better medium than talk radio, I’ll give you 30 seconds – unedited – on a future podcast to tell me why I’m an idiot. No questions asked. However, if you agree that podcasts are awesome and will load up every morning to get you through your commute and the day… well then, I’ll give you 90 seconds.

Recommended situations in which to listen to podcasts: driving, working out, walking the dog, raking the leaves, shoveling the snow, at your desk, in your bed, paying your bills, having a cold one after work, driving, driving, driving, driving, and on a plane or train or in an automobile, which is to say, driving.

Recommended podcast apps: Android– Stitcher (which just today – like, as I wrote this – got bought by Deezer), iOS– Overcast.

Listen at, and then subscribe to the individual shows for ease of listening.


BREAKING ALERT: Ryan Lochte Is Heading to “Penn State College” This Weekend

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 11.09.44 AM

No idea why. But I encourage all Penn State College (and University) goers to have their douchebag cams on high alert. I expect – no, demand – pictures.


Former Penguins Cheap Shot Artist James Neal Says the Flyers Are Soooo Far Inside the Penguins’ Heads


James Neal, whom you may remember as the guy who almost ended the life of young wolf Sean Couturier, was in shock this summer when the Penguins traded him to the Predators (the Pittsburgh-to-Nashville career arc is not one any human should be subjected to). He recounted the surprise to Josh Yohe of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review this week, and in doing so told Yohe that the 2012 playoff series with the Flyers basically destroyed the Penguins organization. This excerpt is delicious [I have bolded the parts that excite me greatly]:

Although Neal doesn’t have answers for the Penguins’ playoff flameouts, he believes the team’s course was altered permanently after falling to the Flyers in 2012.

“Why we struggled in the playoffs is still a tough question to answer,” Neal said. “I don’t think anyone really can.”

Without prompting, the Flyers entered Neal’s mind.

“I didn’t watch the game (on Wednesday),” Neal said. “But I guess they lost again to the Flyers, eh? It’s the same thing that went on when I was there. What the Flyers do to the Penguins … I don’t know why things didn’t go the way they should have gone in the playoffs. I don’t know why everyone got so rattled. But it’s not my problem anymore.”

The Flyers are so far inside the Penguins’ heads that it’s almost become a joke. You know that stomach-churning, suddenly-self-aware feeling you get when you run across an ex years later, because even though you’ve totally moved on, the resentment is still there? You feel that puffing up your chest (guy) or pushing out your chest (girl) will suddenly make them envious of your recent success and happiness, but all it really does is make you seem more awkward and pathetic than they already thought you were? Well, that’s the Penguins when the Flyers come to town. They’ve been so wronged over the years that they can’t help but be a bumbling mess at the mere site of G or Coots. They may have moved on to bigger and better things, but the Orange and Black will always be their kryptonite. Neal left town, and he still can’t shake them from his memories.

Barely related:

via (@collinmehalick)


I’m Going to Listen to This Nick Foles “What The Hell?!” Remix on Loop Every Sunday Morning and on Thanksgiving Too

Dave Gibson, master mixer of that Gary Matthews remix a few years back, sent along his latest – Nick Foles’ What The Hell?! - compiled from Foles’ mic’d up session during the Eagles’ 27-0 beatdown of the Giants last Sunday.

I haven’t listened to that Meek Mill mixtape yet (and I don’t intend to), but I think this is going to be my late fall jam. Who said Foles was boring?  Errrrrrryago Sproles!

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