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JayVaughn Pinkston’s Monster Block Sealed the Deal for Villanova over Michigan

JayVaughn Pinkston scored the go-ahead bucket in the final minute and then blocked Michigan’s Zak Irvin with five seconds to play to seal the deal – and the Liberty Classic – for Villanova.

Here are the full highlights with Ryan Fannon’s radio call. JVP block at around 2:00:



Curmudgeon Les Bowen Hates Your Early Morning Eagles Chants

Voila_Capture 2014-11-26_09-40-08_AM

Yucccchh. Who brought him to the party?

Oh and as Exhibit B to demonstrate why Bowen’s coverage of D-Jac was so positive this summer, it wasn’t too early for some holiday greetings from Gayle Jaccson:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-26_09-42-11_AM


Les loves him some Gayle.

H/T to (@jride442)


Tony Bruno Was on the WIP Morning Show Today

Photo: Cindy Webster, WIP

There was a brief tear in the space-time continuum this morning. Tony Bruno was an in-person guest on the WIP Morning Show, which broadcast live from the airport (I think just so they could harass poser Cowboys fans from Philadelphia heading to the little d for the game tomorrow).

As you know if you listened to our lengthy discussion with Tony a few weeks back, he left WIP in the 90’s to work for ESPN and their original morning show. There’s a perceived beef between the respective hosts (or former hosts) of the two local radio stations (some may call it RADIO WARS*), and I just assume everyone hates everyone in radio, but the truth is, Angelo, Al and Tony have remained on good terms. And quite honestly, they didn’t miss a beat during their reunion this morning. There remains a great chemistry there.

The full audio is here. You can listen to Tony on his (now twice-weekly) podcast at

Phil Martelli called in to give his Eagles prediction while Tony was on. If you ever wonder why mediocre St. Joe’s basketball is so beloved around here, I present to you The Brooklyn Dichotomy: Martelli playing to the early-morning crowd by talking about the Eagles just 12 hours after his Hawks needed overtime to beat LIU Brooklyn, at home. Meanwhile, Jay Wright and Villanova are 5-0, ranked 12th in the country, and just knocked off two other top 25 teams en route to winning the Libery Classic at the Barclays Center, in Brooklyn. But yeah, let’s talk more about how cool it is that the Hawk never stops flapping.

*I see you, WIP, trying to claim that as your own:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-26_08-49-03_AM

pic via (@freehan1010)


NCAA Title Contender Villanova Is Now Producing Eagles-Style Pump-Up Videos and I’m Sold

12th ranked Villanova DESTROYED 14th ranked VCU in the semifinals of the Legends Classic in Brooklyn last night. They’ll take on 19th ranked Michigan in the finals at 10 p.m.(!) tonight. Both the Cats and Wolverines are 4-0. Something has to give, and it’ll probably be the team in that weird shade of yellow.

Today, Villanova’s athletic department put out this video, which certainly has the same feel as one of those outstanding #FlyEaglesFly releases. Nice use of social media. Keeps the V’s coming.


Get your V shirt.


Play in Our Private NFL Thanksgiving Day Draft Kings League


I bought NBA League Pass yesterday so I could keep track of my nightly Draft Kings teams. To say I’ve gone down a dark yet exhilarating hole would be an understatement. 6 p.m. roles around now and I start twitching if my flex forward hasn’t been listed as the starter yet. On Sundays, I’m basically De Niro’s character from Silver Linings, making sure my beer is facing the right way (label-out as it leans against my groin) and all other Juju is correct before kickoff and Scott Hanson’s opening octobox. Daily fantasy is taking over right now. The NBA just signed a partnership with Fan Duel. The Sixers, as a team, are now powered by our partner, Draft Kings:

Voila_Capture 2014-11-25_09-45-21_AM

What that says, exactly, since the Sixers are 0-14? Well, never mind that. The point is, daily fantasy (DFS) is a juggernaut for good reason: it’s infinitely more fun to play than season-long leagues. There’s more strategy, more control, and each night means something. I’m not joking when I say that the Draft Kings app during a football Sunday or an NBA Friday is quite possibly the most addictive iOS (or Android) app in history– constantly updating with live scores, highlighting your standing in green if you’re currently in the money. Oh, how I love green. I get visibly angry when my little, gorgeous green box shifts back to grey. F U, grey!

Anyway, that’s all a long – but true – intro for our Thanksgiving day private league(s). Here’s the deal– we’re hosting a one-day league(s) for the three Thanksgiving NFL games for Crossing Broad readers only. It’s $10 to play, there are 20 participants per league, and the payouts are as follows:

First place: $90

Second place: $54

Third place: $36

It’s a great way to dip your toe into Draft Kings if you haven’t played before. The big-time $1 million or $10k leagues are great, but can be intimidating since you’re going up against the best of the best. Admittedly, those are tough to win (of course, the upside is that you become rich). Lately I prefer the smaller leagues, no larger than 70 or so– they give you great opportunities to win real money without breaking the bank and they keep things fun and manageable (isn’t that the point, anyway?). I joke about being addicted, because I’ve deposited a total of about $50 into my account and have played consistently for a month. For context, my season-long fantasy league cost, I think, $200, and my team was out of it by Week 4. The value proposition of DFS, let alone the fun-factor, doesn’t need explaining.

So create your team for our private Thanksgiving league. You can do so before you have to make any deposit, meaning you can play around with it and get a feel for the interface before paying your entry fee (and yes, you can use PayPal). You’ll choose 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, and 1 DST (defense and special teams). I’m playing (bdncb1). The leagues are capped at 20, but don’t worry about them filling up. I’ve instructed Jim to put himself to use by closely monitoring the entries and adding new leagues as each fills up (these links will always point to the newest league). I promise you, playing will make your Thanksgiving football watching that much better. And, bonus!: there is no overlap in the broadcasts, so you’ll get to see each game and all of your players while you stuff your face with bird before going into a tryptophan-induced coma, which you’ll want to avoid because there’s a late game and you have two players going, DAMMIT!

Create your team

League one is full so …

Create your team for league two right here

And, of course, if you’re feeling lucky– you can also enter the $600k Wishbone Classic for $20. Because let’s be honest, I’m totally doing that, too.

Voila_Capture 2014-11-25_12-23-26_PMCreate your team for the Wishbone Classic.




Here’s Sonny, the One-legged Vet Who Had His Leg Stolen, Singing about Getting His Leg Stolen

You probably know Sonny Forriest Jr., the one-legged veteran who sings outside Eagles games and who had his leg stolen a few weeks ago during the Giants assault. The leg was found in short order – someone left it at the Olyney Septa station – and the whole thing prompted Forriest to, um, write(?) a song about it. This is just begging to be a ripped-from-the headlines Always Sunny plot. Really, I don’t think there’s one thing I would change.

via (@tallmaurice)


Get Your 2014 Philly Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt Right Here

CrossingBroad-2014-Sweatshirt-Green CrossingBroadSweatshirtRed-2014

They’re back. Like an angry mob of frigid football fans, the ugly Christmas sweatshirts have returned– new and improved for 2014.

We’re never going to shed the threw-snowballs-at-Santa label, so in the spirit of Christmas – of good old St. Nick – you’re hereby encouraged to reclaim it, to embrace it… and to pelt it with tightly-formed balls of snow. This is your new holiday shirt, and there are both red and green options available. As always, we recommend wearing your ugly Christmas sweatshirt with a white turtleneck or, if you’re feeling adventurous, dicky.

Last year, we had to go to three warehouses the week before Christmas to find enough green sweatshirts to fulfill orders. We literally had midwestern apparel inventory managers yelling at our printer, wondering who in the world needed so many delightfully ugly garments. You needed them, Philly. You needed them. So, we’re starting earlier this year. This first batch will ship early next week so you can have your ugly Christmas sweatshirt in time for all of your holiday parties… and for running with all of those Santas on December 13.

You can get yours right here. They are $29 for one or $50 for two (use code BELLS to get the discount on two or more). We accept all major credit cards and, yes, PayPal, too.

Get yours.


Please note: We will be having a Black Friday-holiday weekend sale, but the sweatshirts will not be discounted further. So if you want yours early, be sure to order this week. Like last year, we will only do several runs to keep up with demand, and on-hand stock is expected to fluctuate throughout the holiday season, which, as you well know, ’tis the season to be hideously merry.


Video: Bradley Cooper Wants Dallas

I’m at an 11 right now.

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