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Sixers Nets Game 3 Betting Preview: Which Team Will Take Control?

BWanksCB - April 18, 2019

One thing you have to give the Sixers credit for is that they’re always interesting. Always. Just a ho-hum day or two of before the team gears up for Game 3, right? Not exactly:

Is any this true? Who knows. Probably not. Or it’s at least heavily embellished, but intriguing stuff either way. If Brett Brown hasn’t lost the locker room, the Sixers can probably use Sheridan’s report as a rallying point, and teams will look for any extra edge they can find this time of year.

So, are the Sixers headed for chaos, ignited by a pivotal Game 3 loss, or are they about to take control of this series?

Let’s get into it.



Here are the LIVE Sixers-Nets odds for Game 3 courtesy of our news odds tool: Continue Reading

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It Turns Out PA Online Sports Betting May Only Be 3 Weeks Away

Kyle Scott - April 17, 2019

Things are about to change around here. Following our earlier post on the likelihood of PA online sports betting launching sometime before the July 15 go live date for online casinos, an official with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board says online sports betting apps could go live in as soon as three weeks.

Director of Communications Doug Harbach was quoted by Penn Live as saying online betting apps will go up for testing as early as this month.

“I really believe that within the next two to three weeks, we will see the first of the sports wagering internet sites go up for testing,” Harbach said. Assuming no major glitches, the sites should be given the green light from there.

Big deal, for those of you in PA who care about wagering on the NBA Playoffs, and a slew of other golf majors (The Masters was one of New Jersey’s biggest sports betting events).


PA regulator says it will be soon

UPDATE: After posting this, we spoke with Harbach. Here are some highlights of what he said about online betting launch in PA.

He said there will be a limited test period for a period of a few days, similar to New Jersey, where operators can be up and running for select hours. The Gaming Control Board will then work with them to iron out any issues before setting them live 24-7. Harbach said there will be one site live before the others.

“And I would expect that there’ll be some additional operators in line soon thereafter to get their sites up and running. So I think we’ll start to see a number of these being offered within the next couple of months.”

It sounds almost like sports betting sites will go live on a first-come, first-serve basis?

“It will be. We made the announcement today that we were gonna do a more coordinated launch for the iGaming and that will commence on the week of July 15. But in regards to the sports wagering, we’re going to allow them to test and get up and running as they’re ready.”

So it sounds like one app will be ready soon, with several more to follow over the spring and summer.



Anyone wishing to bet will have to be 21+ and pass an age-verification (obviously). And you’ll have to be within the borders of Pennsylvania– this is confirmed using geo-comply or similar technology that uses your phone’s GPS, or through a program you can download on your computer. Both of these are in place over the river.



Executive Director Kevin O’Toole told Penn Live that sports betting is on a faster track to launch than online casino games because there are fewer approval factors at play. For sports betting, PA regulators will have to verify that age verification and GPS tracking works and that the underlying technology backing the bets is sound. But the events themselves – sporting events – are already sanctioned and well officiated, so there is no work to be done there. With online casino games, they have to approve apps to make sure game mechanics and randomness comply with the law and are fair to the player.


Online is where it’s at

This is a quote from Penn Live:

Gaming industry consultant Michael Pollock told PennLive last year that the online games are seen as capturing a younger players who, for whatever reason, are seen as less likely to visit physical casinos.

This is such a ludicrous, simplified line that it borders on patronizing. For whatever reason. Set aside the younger gamer’s interest in visiting casinos, the sheer scale of online betting is almost too obvious to point out: the market size is literally every adult who has a phone in their pocket. It’s not even up for debate. And yet…

Of course your state hasn’t brought in expected sports betting revenue the way New Jersey has– the only state to, thus far, offer wide-scale online betting. Other states have adopted things like “in-casino mobile betting,” which is so archaic it almost hurts my head.

Pennsylvania has higher tax rates on casinos and partners when it comes to sports betting, which contributed to a tepid response from operators to enter the market, but the opportunity is too great in a state with two major sports cities. This all makes Philly the epicenter of the sports betting universe, with its entire market within three states that allow sports betting– two of which, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, will allow wide-scale online sports betting.


Which apps will be first?

We’ve put together a complete guide on where and how you’ll be able to bet online in Pennsylvania, but among those expected to be in contention to launch soon are:

What about DraftKings Sportsbook PA? They’ll need to find a casino partner first, but do have plans to enter the market, likely before football season.

All have been working on betting apps for some time, and in the case of FanDuel and SugarHouse (and Rivers, owned by same company as SugarHouse), some have working apps elsewhere.

We’ve reached out to the PCGB for comment and additional information and will update this post if we hear anything.

Online Sports Betting Should Launch in PA Before July

Kyle Scott - April 17, 2019

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board held their monthly meeting today and among the topics discussed were the launch of online casino games in PA. This shines a spotlight on the launch of PA online sports betting.

As expected and was previously communicated by Executive Director Kevin O’Toole, online casino games will launch in PA on July 15, 2019.

O’Toole told the board that his office had exacted regulation requirements for establishing a commencement date for iGaming in PA. They recommended 90 days and a coordinated go live date of July 15 for 10 certificate holders and three licensed operators.

Here he is talking about it:

This, however, does not include sports betting, which could actually be coming sooner.

Dustin Gouker of Play PA reports that sports betting could launch well before this date. This matches with what Parx Chief Marketing Officer Marc Oppenheimer told Pennlive last month– that they would be ready with their sportsbook as early as April.

Sources had previously told us Pennsylvania may hold several apps back to have a shotgun start as a coordinated launch date, similar to what the state will do with online casinos. Further, several operators have indicated to us that they are in the late-stages of launch preparation plans, including getting apps ready for testing and ensuring promotional partners are properly licensed with the PA Gaming Control Board.

We’ve put together a complete guide to PA sports betting, but among the apps you should expect to see at or near launch are: SugarHouse Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, Parx Sportsbook, and Rivers Casino Sportsbook.

Branding may be an issue. In PA, outside brands (like FanDuel) need to partner with licensed casinos in the state. In the case of FanDuel, the now-leader in New Jersey, it has a partnership with Valley Forge Casino and Resort. Apps will be branded with the operator’s name. This all means that PA and NJ sports betting apps will literally be different “apps.” There’s certain to be some confusion here. We’ll keep you updated on everything as this is now my life’s mission to be your sage on all things legal betting in PA.

Sixers Nets Game 2 Odds: Why The Sixers Will Win Game 2 But Might Not Cover

BWanksCB - April 15, 2019

Game 1 was a letdown for both Sixers fans and bettors who trusted the process as the team clanked its way to a concerning 111-102 loss on Saturday afternoon. Brooklyn used a 20-1 run at the end of the first quarter that bled into the opening moments of the second to seize control of the game and never looked back. Among the Sixers’ concerns heading into Game 2 are Joel Embiid’s health, the team’s hideous 12% shooting from beyond the arc in the opener, and cell phones. Yes. Cell phones.

Oh, and don’t forget hurt feelings, too. Can’t forget about hurt feelings:

Phila Unite!

Not an ideal start, for sure, but will what should be a more focused and desperate Sixers team bounce back in Game 2 to even the series? Will they bounce back in a BIG way and cover the spread? Let’s take a look at some need-to-know betting info and see what we can find out.


Here are the Game 2 odds as of 8 a.m. Monday morning: Continue Reading

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There’s Been Some Curious Odds on The Sixers and Nets, Here’s What’s Going On

Kyle Scott - April 12, 2019

There’s been some really strange odds action on the Sixers-Nets series. Let’s talk about what it does and doesn’t mean.

The Sixers opened at -2500 at DraftKings Sportsbook. Right now, they can be had for a relatively cheap -501 at PointsBet. What gives?

On the surface, that moves seems concerning, as a move in this direction feeds into the pause local fans have regarding the cohesiveness of the unit, Brett Brown’s coaching ability, and of course Joel Embiid, who as of Friday is uncertain to play in Game 1.

UPDATE: Sixers Game 1 line has now moved down to as low as -5.5 on news that Joel Embiid is doubtful.

In an interview with The Wizard over at PointsBet earlier on Friday, the Montauk-loving market maker for one of NJ’s newest sportsbooks says there is indeed quite a bit of concern over Embiid… and this was before the Sixers fanned those flames at practice on Friday. Game 1 was even briefly off the board at PointsBet… before the Sixers mentioned Embiid might be out.

DraftKings has been much more bullish on the Sixers, currently listing them at -835 to win the series. FanDuel has them at -650.

It’s worth considering that NJ sportsbooks take huge action on Philly teams, so DraftKings specifically maybe be keeping the odds longer (for the Nets) to balance out what will likely be heavy Sixers action. They also tell us they’re operating as if Embiid is playing until they hear for sure otherwise.

More specifically, this data from (@joek62635) is worth mentioning: Continue Reading

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FanDuel Sportsbook Has Extended Its 100-1 Masters Odds Offer

Kyle Scott - April 11, 2019

FanDuel Sportsbook is running the most aggressive Masters offer we’ve seen for New Jersey sportsbooks this year– 100 to 1 odds on any golfer to win The Masters.

The promotion was originally scheduled to end at the start of the tournament – which makes some level of sense – but today FanDuel announced that they will extend it through end of day Friday, April 12 at 11:59 p.m.

How to get 100-1 odds on any golfer

Register with FanDuel Sportsbook using this link and enter promo code CBB. Select any golfer to win The Masters.

If your golfer wins the tournament, you will receive a site credit equal to the difference between the payout received based on your Starting Price Odds and +10,000 on the first Five Dollars ($5) of your bet. For example, if you were to select Rory McIlroy at +800, the remaining +9,200 would be paid out within 72 hours. Your winnings will come with a “play-through” requirement, meaning you’ll have to wager them within 7 days on something with longer than -200 odds (basically, you can’t take extreme favorites), before they can be withdrawn.


Popular promo

These 100-1 odds boosts are among the most popular promos we’ve seen in New Jersey. But they do come with some fine print. The $500 bonus will go toward any tax obligation you have from bet winnings over the course of the year  – if they surpass the reporting threshold required by the IRS – and it’s worth reiterating that you’ll have to wager the winning amount within one week of it being credited to you account.


Who will win?

We have put together a Masters Betting Guide, which includes current odds, favorites and more. We also have a Tiger Woods Masters Betting Guide in case you want to use your 100-1 odds bet on him. He is receiving the most action at all NJ sportsbooks, partly because he’s popular, partly because he’s playing the best golf of this stage of his career.


fanduel sportsbook review

Bonus: 100-1 Masters odds

Minimum Deposit: $10

FanDuel Sportsbook

  • Established brand
  • Backed by Betfair
  • Excellent interface
  • Live betting view

The Sixers Are Bringing Back Their “Phila Unite” Playoff Campaign

Kyle Scott - April 9, 2019

Unite, or die, you shall. The Sixers are rolling back out their wildly popular “Philly Unite” campaign for the second year in a row this playoff season.

For those of you who don’t know, “Phila Unite” was a take on Ben Franklin’s 1754 political cartoon, “Join, or Die,” depicting a severed snake which represented the individual colonies. In the 18th century, the severed snake was thought to possess the ability to be resurrected if its separated pieces were put back together before sunset.

Today, it represents something much larger for the Sixers.

I spoke with team president and branding guru Chris Heck about resurrecting the snake and what it means to the team.

Planned from the beginning

While from the outside it may have seemed like the campaign and popular snake logo were a one-year effort that lasted not nearly long enough, Heck says it was always the plan to use it on a recurring basis as the Sixers are in the midst of what they feel is an impressive run of consecutive 50-win seasons.

It may seem obvious to incorporate historic elements of the city when your team name is literally derived from its most significant moment, but for the Sixers and Heck it goes deeper than that.

It may sound like marketing speak – and a good bit of it is – but Heck walks the talk– he is the sort of guy who will give you a tour of the Sixers’ practice facility in Camden and spend more time talking about the color palette and thought behind the retired-number banners hanging in the rafters than he will about the multiple NBA All-Stars who routinely walk those halls.

So, naturally, the snake logo has its own backstory. Continue Reading

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FanDuel Sportsbook Is Running 100-1 Odds on The Masters

Kyle Scott - April 8, 2019

A tradition unlike any other! I’m talking about FanDuel running another 100-1 odds promo for a major sporting event. This time, FanDuel Sportsbook is offering 100 to 1 odds on any golfer to win The Masters.

This is not the first time New Jersey sportsbooks have offered aggressive odds boosts for big events. For the Super Bowl, FanDuel ran a similar 100-1 offer, and DraftKings did the same for The Oscars.


How does it work?

New users can get any golfer at 100-1 odds to win The Masters at FanDuel Sportsbook by registering here.

The offer is available until the start of the tournament– but it’s worth acting quickly on, as this is an aggressive offer and FanDuel has the right to withdraw it if they are seeing too much action in one direction.

The maximum bet is $5, meaning you can get a $500 payout for correctly selecting the winner of The Masters.

FanDuel will pay winners within 72 hours with a promo code worth $500. While a promo code is a new way to issue a payout, this is essentially the standard way these sort of signup offers are paid out. They are called bet-through requirements and you’ll have to wager your winnings again before it is eligible to be withdrawn.

For The Masters, this will replace FanDuel’s regular $500 risk-free bet offer.


100-1 odds

These sort of odds boosts are ways for NJ sports betting sites to grab new customers prior to big events. The Masters is effectively the first golf major since the start of legal sports betting in New Jersey. This represents a whole new fan base and opportunity for FanDuel to gain new customers. And unlike the Super Bowl, where they essentially booked a loss before the game by offering such long odds on the winner, golf offers an entire field to select from and, thus, less risk for FanDuel.


FanDuel Masters odds

As of writing this, FanDuel offers the following Masters odds:

  • Rory McIlroy: +650
  • Dustin Johnson: +1100
  • Justin Rose: +1200
  • Jordan Spieth: +1600
  • Tiger Woods: +1600
  • Jon Rahm: +2000
  • Justin Thomas: +2000
  • Rickie Fowler: +2000
  • Francesco Molinari: +2200
  • Paul Casey: +2800
  • Brooks Koepka: +3000
  • Bryson DeChambeau: +3000

Keep in mind, 100-1 odds effectively means +10000, so all of the favorites listed here are huge values with FanDuel.

fanduel sportsbook review

Bonus: 100-1 Masters odds

Minimum Deposit: $10

FanDuel Sportsbook

  • Established brand
  • Backed by Betfair
  • Excellent interface
  • Live betting view


Keep it locked here for Masters betting coverage all week long.