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DraftKings Sportsbook NJ Betting Update: NFL and CFB Specials

Joe DiProsperos - August 19, 2019

With the NFL preseason in full swing and the regular season getting closer by the day, DraftKings Sportsbook is offering a slew of game promos and deposit bonuses for its users. Plus, new users are still eligible for a bet match when they first sign up.

Deposit Bonus Of Up To $500

All new and returning DraftKings Sportsbook players can earn a 50% deposit match up to a $1,000 deposit, which can come out to a max of up to $500 in bonus money.

There’s a good deal of fine print for this promo, and you can read a full breakdown of it here.

No-Brainer Odds Boost

With the return of football season finally here, DraftKings is running the No-Brainer Odds Boost . For this, they are boosting the odds of either the Jets, Eagles, or Giants to score a touchdown in Week 1 to +100. The max wager is $10, and it expires September 8th.

This seems like an unbelievable deal to bet $10 on the Eagles to score a touchdown against the Redskins (lol) and get $10.

Death, Taxes, Bama, and Clemson

College football finally returns this Saturday with Miami taking on Florida along with Arizona paying a visit to Hawaii. Alabama and Clemson are looking like sure locks to make the college football playoffs once again, and DraftKings certainly believes this with their Death, Taxes, Bama, and Clemson promo.

With two other playoff spots up for grabs, if you bet $10 for any other team to make the playoffs, DraftKings Sportsbook will give you a $10 free bet for Week 1 of the college football season. This offer will expire August 24th.

Reminder: Free Bet Signup Bonus

As always, new users can earn a $500 first bet match when they first sign up with DraftKings Sportsbook.

William Hill NJ Relaunches With All New Platform

Kyle Scott - August 16, 2019

william hill promo code

William Hill NJ will rolled out its all new online sports betting platform in New Jersey this week.

One of the first out of the gate for legal sports betting in New Jersey and elsewhere, William Hill is a well-known brand, particularly in Nevada and in the United Kingdom. While they’ve done well for themselves in the first year of legalized betting in the United States, their online component has lagged behind DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook in terms of both revenue and general usability. They were one of the first to offer a site and app, which functions better than some of the casino-branded offerings, but it had looked and felt a bit stale compared to the competition.

The relaunch may change that.


Props and in-game betting at the new William Hill

There is a renewed focus on prop bets and in-game betting. William Hill’s previous iteration did not feature many props, which have proven to be popular with more casual online betters. Additionally, some estimates say live or in-game betting makes up nearly 50% of the market in New Jersey so far.

William Hill’s new app will focus heavily on the ability to bet while a game is going on. Combined with their popular brand name and recognition and the new platform, William Hill will look to compete with DraftKings and FanDuel this fall, once football season starts.



They’ll also have a renewed focus on digital marketing. They have struck a partnership with Income Access, a popular payment and reporting provider for partners to promote their online brand. There will undoubtedly be other marketing campaigns and plenty of commercials and digital advertising.

Look for William Hill to focus on rejuvenating their brand, making it younger and offering a new, upgraded user experience.

New users who bet $50 can get $50 when they sign up for the new app right here .


Kyle Scott - August 16, 2019

You may not have heard much about them yet, but FOX Bet will be coming to the Pennsylvania and New Jersey sports betting markets this fall.

The Stars Group, the international company behind the PokerStars brand, has taken on an investment from FOX Sports to power the FOX Bet brand, and they’re looking for local help in Cherry Hill, New Jersey:


We aren’t being paid to post this. It’s not a sponsored post. However, if you take that “performance marketing manager” role, you’ll likely have me emailing you three times per week. Not sure if that’s a selling point or occupational hazard.*

Anyway, you can view all of their available jobs here. I believe all of the Cherry Hill jobs will be working on the FOX Bet brand.

*Jimmy Buffett once wrote the occupational hazard is the occupation’s just not around. He was talking about pirates.

SugarHouse Absolutely Dominates PA Betting Market in July

Kyle Scott - August 16, 2019

SugarHouse Sportsbook absolutely dominated the PA online sports betting market in July. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board released their monthly sports wagering report today and the numbers put up by SugarHouse’s online sportsbook are staggering.

SugarHouse took in over $22 million in bets (handle) in July, absolutely crushing all competition.

The next closest, in fact, was their sister site Bet Rivers, which took in almost $10 million in bets online. Compare that to the other competition that was live for the entire month, Parx– they only took in $3.6 million in bets. SugarHouse beat Parx by almost 7x in handle.

Massive handle

Here’s the total of online bets:

  • SugarHouse: $22,162,651
  • Rivers: $9,927,161
  • Parx: $3,648,995
  • Valley Forge (FanDuel): $3,259,840

This is not all revenue, of course.

Handle is the amount of money taken in and also includes bets on futures, which might not be paid out for some time.

Revenue is the sportsbook’s take after bets are settled.

SugarHouse still led there by a wide margin. They took in $1,526,823 in revenue for July, followed by Rivers at $773k, and then Parx at $333k.

What about FanDuel?

Well, they are tough to measure because they were only live for about a week at the end of July. But their numbers are quite impressive. FanDuel Sportsbook PA took in $3.2 million in bets, good for $254k in revenue. That run rate doesn’t quite get them up to SugarHouse, which was taking in about $700k per day on average, but still impressive given that it was a very soft launch for a few days. Again, at the end of July.

FanDuel will likely begin to pace, if not beat SugarHouse, for the month of August, just anecdotally based on some of the traffic and interest we’ve seen regarding FanDuel.

But SugarHouse’s handle is pretty staggering here and speaks to just the absolute potential for the PA betting market.

Market size

While things have launched in fits and starts and with some mobile app issues, many pundits have downplayed PA’s potential because of the tax environment, regulatory structure, and some operators’ unwillingness to work here.

But all along we’ve felt that with two major sports cities and a major college football town, PA could be one of the top five biggest betting markets in the country.

It’s worth noting that SugarHouse had an infrastructure in place from New Jersey and was likely able to parlay this into effectively marketing and registering players in Pennsylvania. And though they don’t yet have an iOS app, they were the first to be available on iOS, which happened in mid-July. SugarHouse also launched their online casino, which helps bring people in for sports betting.

Regardless, big win for SugarHouse.

Scott Franzke’s Call of Bryce Harper’s Walk Off

Kyle Scott - August 16, 2019

We posted this earlier, but worth calling out again. LA sounds like he had a sexual experience at contact. Who wouldn’t?

Cubs Call of Bryce Harper’s Slam

Kyle Scott - August 16, 2019

I’m posting this mostly just so I can remark about how majestic Bryce’s quad looks in that photo. Would.

Jason Heyward Jogging Off The Field Is a Work of Art

Kyle Scott - August 16, 2019

I’m an abstract kind of guy.

I excelled in discrete math, but put a calc question in front of me and I’ll vomit profusely. I got into Honors Algebra II with Paul Hornsleth on the strength of my stellar geometry work and then promptly fell on my face the first time I saw X and Y on opposing sides of the equal sign.

So while I’m firmly in support of the statistical movement in sports, I do prefer some good ol’ visual evidence. You know, for proof. Ergo, the best goddamn use of MLB’s Statcast these eyes hath ever seen:


What was the #exitvelo on Jason Heyward vacating his right field position when Harper – oh my God! – slayed that stitched up dragon? 2 trots per gallop? 3 crow hops per foot? 4 strides per 8 feet Bryce DEMOLISHED that baseball? I haven’t seen that sort of outfielder disrespect since Ron Gant just watched a Wes Chamberlain bomb land in the upper deck in 1993.

I imagine Charlie Manuel walked into that clubhouse the other day carrying a Wawa bag, took one look at some sort of rocket blast off sequence written on the board by Kapler, and then erased it, mumbled something about “f*cking nerds,” and replaced it with a hastily drawn image of a kangaroo punching a wombat and said, “like that.”

Get out of here you dumb marsupial!

And give me a hug, old man:

You Can Get An Insane Payout When You Bet The Jets at PlayMGM NJ Tonight

Kyle Scott - August 15, 2019

PlayMGM is running an absolutely radical promo on the Jets’ Week 2 preseason game tonight. They are offering 100-1 odds on a $1 bet if they score a single point in the game. They don’t even have to win. Just score a point.

PlayMGM has been running these large odds boost promos throughout the summer and into the NFL preseason. It is their way of marketing themselves to the North Jersey audience and trying to stand out in the online betting space. MGM has been one of the casino brands trying to keep pace with DraftKings and FanDuel, who are absolutely dominating the online betting market in New Jersey.

You can get either offer when you sign up here and claim $100 real cash back on your first bet .

How does it work?

To get started is really simple. Simply click this link , fill out your information, and place a $1 moneyline bet on the Jets. Then root for them to score a point. Any point. Touchdown, field goal, safety. You name it. It’ll get you your $100 bonus.

Inventive marketing offers

Look for playMGM to be more inventive and aggressive with their promotions. Big brand casinos have struggled in the online space to keep pace with the digital native apps, and promotions like these will help draw in a new audience as the second season of online betting in New Jersey rolls around.

There is a renewed focus on digital marketing and the strong odds boosts have proven to be successful for other operators.

Last year, DraftKings ran 100-1 Oscars promo for winners to pick the Best Picture, and FanDuel ran a 53-1 promo for the Super Bowl, which helped catapult them to number one in New Jersey.

Now there are always max bet offers with this. FanDuel capped the bet at $5 for the Super Bowl. In this case, playMGM is capping the bet at $1, but it’s a 100-1 payout.

The payouts typically have a play-through requirement, so you won’t be able to immediately withdraw the money, but it is a good way to fund your account on your initial bet when signing up with playMGM.