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FanDuel Sportsbook Is Offering The Sixers at 76-1 Odds To Win The NBA Championship

Kyle Scott - October 21, 2019

FanDuel Sportsbook is offering the Sixers at 76 to 1 odds to win the NBA Championship.

You read that right. FanDuel, which hasn’t been as promotional as some of its competitors, perhaps because it is obliterating the online sports betting market in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, is coming on strong with their promo offer to get +7600 odds on Philly to win it all.

To put this in perspective, the Sixers are currently listed at FanDuel at +750. This is a 10x odds boost.

fanduel sportsbook

21+ and present in NJ or PA. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.


How It Works

The offer is available to new FanDuel Sportsbook customers only.

If you sign up using this link and enter promo code PROCESS (have to do both), you can place a bet of up to $10 on the Sixers to win the NBA Championship at +7600 odds. If they win, that would payout $760.

The bonus would be paid as a site credit and come with a play-through requirement, meaning you will need to bet the winnings within a week of receiving them before the money is eligible to be withdrawn.

So this isn’t exactly free money. But play-through requirements like this are the norm, and a 76-1 odds boost on a favorite is a pretty strong offer.


Sixers Betting Promos

FanDuel Sportsbook may have beat a Sixers partner at their own game.

Earlier this month, the Sixers entered into a partnership with Parx Sportsbook to offer $25 in site credit for each Sixers win. Not a bad deal, but given the superiority of the FanDuel Sportsbook app in PA and in generating buzz, this boost will likely attract much more attention.

Sportsbooks in Pennsylvania are eager to sign up new players, especially heading into a new season. It looks like the Sixers will be the team in Philly for a little while, and getting customers to sign up early in the season gives FanDuel Sportsbook a chance of being their sportsbook of choice throughout the winter.

Some other things to nibble on? The Sixers to win the conference at +220 and Joel Embiid to win defensive player of the year at +750. That sounds like positive EV to me. At least the 76-1 Sixers odds boost is. Here they come!

FOX Bet Is Offering Penn State at Even Odds Over Michigan

Kyle Scott - October 19, 2019

FOX Bet is again offering a significant odds boost on a PA football team, this time offering Penn State at +100 odds to win against Michigan.

FOX Bet, which launched in Pennsylvania and New Jersey last month, has run several aggressive odds boosts targeting the Eagles, Steelers, and Giants in marquee matchups in an effort to gain new customers. This time, all users get a chance to double their money with an up to $25 bet on Penn State to beat Michigan on Saturday.

Those who place an up to $25 bet on Penn State to win outright will be paid +100 odds, or double their money.

The promo is good for all users.

fox bet

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. Only 1x Wager Applies, Playable in PA and NJ Only

Given that Penn State is listed at -355 on the money line, which implies a 77% chance to win, the odds are pretty good for doubling your money on this one.

What’s more, when you combine this with FOX’s sign up offers, new users can really make out.

Players who sign up here  can get $20 free with no deposit, and their first deposit matched up to $100, and the boosted odds on Penn State at +100 for a total value of $145 with $100 deposit… if Penn State wins the game.

This is not the first time we’ve seen this type of offer from FOX Bet, but it’s one that appears to be working as it brings in new bettors from different fan bases and provide some actual value, albeit on a relatively small bet.

We like FOX Bet a lot, and FOX Bet PA is our choice for best PA online sportsbook to date. It offers a strong tie-in with FOX Sports and its personalities, with daily, useful boosts and risk-free bets that often provide legitimate value, and an excellent and engaging interface.

While it is probably not the app for pro bettors, seeing as though it lacks teaser bets and live betting is suspended more often than not, the amount of action, particularly when it comes to props, is a lot of fun. They also call out long-shot bets, which makes for almost a roulette-style range of action where you can place a number of small bets on long odds and cross your fingers that one will hit.

FOX, of course, is fully capable of taking spread, moneyline, and totals bets as well, along with parlays. Given the fact that it uses a different third-party provider from the likes of DraftKings Sportsbook or FanDuel Sportsbook, it means you can often spot differences in lines, giving you some value when you shop across different apps.

This promo for Penn State-Michigan is one that is sure to get the attention of those in Happy Valley, and if you’re going to bet on Penn State, you’re not going to find a better boost.

DeMarcus Lawrence Tells Doug Pederson To “shut his ass up”

Kyle Scott - October 18, 2019


As you may recall, last Sunday Doug Pederson potentially put his foot in his mouth by declaring that the Eagles were going to beat the Cowboys on Sunday.

The quote went mostly under-the-radar all week… until today, when Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence decided to shoot back at Crusher:

“Tell him to come on. We ready,” Lawrence said. “Can he play the game? So he might want to shut his ass up and stay on the sideline. He can’t play the game for them. The Eagles got to play them and he’s supposed to sit on the sideline and do whatever he wants to do. But he can’t play the game for them, so we’ll see.”

Dems fightin’ words from dem boys.

Looks like we have ourselves a rivalry game, folks.

BetMGM Is Offering Crazy 100-1 Odds on The 49ers and Redskins

Kyle Scott - October 18, 2019

BetMGM is doing another one of their crazy offers for New Jersey sports bettors. Known for their somewhat insane 1000-to-1 odds boost for new players, BetMGM this weekend is offering new players 100-1 odds on the 49ers to beat the Redskins.

There’s a maximum $1 bet, which will pay out $100 in site credit if the 49ers, who are heavy favorites, win in Washington.


Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler.

How It Works

The offer is available only to new players who sign up using this link . Once you deposit and place a $1 bet on the 49ers to win outright versus the Redskins, you will be credited $100, if they in fact win.

To give you some perspective on their chances, the moneyline for this game on a 49ers bet is -455, which means typically you would have to wager $455 to win a 100. In this case, you have to wager $1 to win 100.

Now, I’m no mathematician and don’t know exactly how to deduce positive EV, but I’m pretty sure this is it, chief.

How is your chance? -445 odds implies an 82% chance win probability, so this is sort of a no-brainer. It’s only $1, so even if they lose, it’s not exactly going to break the bank account.


Marketing Tactic

Why does BetMGM do this? The New Jersey betting market is very crowded, right now dominated by FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook, and with increasing competition from the likes of FOX Bet and PointsBet.

Thus far in the regulated betting industry typical casino brands have struggled against the sports-focused online brands, such as DraftKings and FanDuel.

BetMGM recently updated their platform to modernize their app and playing experience. We actually like the improvements a lot, but they need to be aggressive with their marketing to bring in new players. So, while you shouldn’t expect to receive 100 to 1 odds boost too often, giving new players essentially a free $100 on a popular bet is a way to get some attention and get people playing the app.

We absolutely recommend you check out BetMGM’s offer here and put $1 on the 49ers. And while you’re at it, play around with their app. We really like their updated user experience, and I think you’ll find that they are the best of the traditional casino brands when it comes to online sportsbooks in New Jersey. And this gives you some extra value mid-season.

Watch The Chiefs’ Super Bowl Odds Crater in Real Time

Kyle Scott - October 18, 2019

No sense in setting the table on what happened last night. The Chiefs, who had just lost two games in a row, saw Patrick Mahomes go down with a dislocated knee.

We thought it would be a good time to take a look at our new proprietary tool, which charts historical odds at legal sportsbooks, to see what happened to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl odds after the losses, Mahomes’ injury, and then following an Adam Schefter Tweet that a “best case” scenario would be only three weeks on the shelf:

Here’s what it looked like throughout the night as we learned more about Mahomes’ injury. Odds are courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook and in Greenwich Mean Time:

chiefs super bowl odds

Schefter moved the odds -400 points with a single, speculatory Tweet.

If Mahomes comes back or the Emergency QB Rule existed, the Chiefs represent an excellent value right now. Or, Andy Reid is the coach and you shouldn’t bet on them anyway.

Presenting The Emergency QB Rule

Kyle Scott - October 18, 2019

Patrick Mahomes had his kneecap popped into back place live on national television as the Chiefs, a Super Bowl contender, saw their season flash before their eyes.

It’s hard to imagine a more significant injury, to a more significant body part, than the arguably the best quarterback in the game on a contending team having his knee knocked out of alignment.

For far too many teams, for far too many years, their seasons have hinged on the health and fate of a starting quarterback. Removing the 1990 Giants and the 2017 Eagles, who managed to win the Super Bowl with a capable backup, a significant injury to a starting quarterback has torpedoed many a team’s chances.

When this happens, millions of dollars for owners and cities are flushed down the drain, or more aptly, redistributed to another team that is able to capitalize on the misfortune and advance further than they should. The point is, injuries to NFL quarterbacks affect more than just the player– they impact the team, coach, owner, fan base, city, and the rest of the league. A lot is at stake, not the least of which is money. It’s that last one that might compel NFL owners and executives to take a long, hard look at what I’m going to call the Emergency QB Rule.

Emergency QB Rule

While I make no claim to be a European soccer expert, we are all aware of their loan system, where players unable to get playing time on their current squad are loaned out to another one so they can play, develop, and further advance their careers.

Imagine if we allowed the same in the NFL.

This season has already chewed up Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes. Last year, it was Aaron Rodgers. And the year before, it was Carson Wentz.

What if their teams were able to grab another top flight quarterback off the shelf at the end of the season to give themselves a fighting chance to continue their trajectory?

My proposed Emergency QB Rule would be as follows: Continue Reading

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FanDuel Sportsbook Completely Obliterates The PA Betting Market in September

Kyle Scott - October 17, 2019

FanDuel Sportsbook completely obliterated the PA online sports betting market in the month of September, according to a recently released report from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

With a full month under its belt in August, FanDuel Sportsbook PA rocketed to the top of the online betting space in Pennsylvania in September, taking in over $85 million in handle (bets) in the month.

This marked the first time Sugarhouse Sportsbook had not led in the nascent market in Pennsylvania. FanDuel, which also is the largest online operator in New Jersey, has officially cemented itself as the most popular legal sports betting app in the early days of online sports betting in the United States.

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. Only 1x Wager Applies, Playable in PA Only


Total Bets

Here’s the full breakdown in terms of handle that online sportsbooks in Pennsylvania took in for the month of September:

  • FanDuel Sportsbook: $85 million
  • Sugarhouse Sportsbook: $31 million
  • BetRivers: $23 million
  • Parx Sportsbook: $13 million
  • FOX Bet: $4.5 million

This is really interesting on several fronts.

First of all, FanDuel’s sheer dominance is impressive, no doubt about it. But we are shocked at how far behind FOX Bet PA, our recommended app in PA, is from the rest of the pack. Continue Reading

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PA and NJ Sportsbooks Are Offering Significant Odds Boosts on the Eagles Today

Kyle Scott - October 13, 2019

Sportsbooks in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are offering a bunch of significant odds boosts on the Eagles today. We outlined in our Eagles-Vikings betting preview why the Birds might not be a great bet, but is there enough value to take them outright or +3.5 now that the line has moved past the all-important three-point margin?

It’s no secret local sportsbooks – both physical and online – take significant action on the Eagles as the public loves to back the home team. They routinely offer up specials on the Birds, and today there are some of the best we’ve seen this season.


SugarHouse Sportsbook

sugarhouse sportsbook

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-Gambler. Only 1x Wager Applies, Playable in PA Only


SugarHouse Sportsbook in both PA and NJ is offering the Birds at a special odds boost of +300 today. That is boosted from +150. A 2x multiplier on an outright win.

The +150 odds implies the Eagles have a 40% chance of winning the game. Boosting that all the way up to +300 prices them as having an only 25% chance to win. This is a solid four-to-one payout on an otherwise evenly matched game projects the Eagles as only being a 1.5-point underdog and having a 45% chance to win. Clearly there’s value on both the original line and the boosted option here. Consider, home teams are typically offered three points by bookmakers as a “home field advantage,” so FiveThirtyEight actually feels the Eagles are the better team.

The offer is available to both new and current players to SugarHouse. The max bet is $25. New users also get a $250 deposit match , which is one of the best signup bonuses in the sports betting industry. Continue Reading

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